MILAN – The day after Inter’s match against Genoa, Massimo Moratti found journalists waiting outside his offices in the centre of Milan to ask him questions. You can read the president’s statements in full here on

Andrea Stramaccioni said that you’re the one who will speak about the future. Is now the time to do so?
“No, not yet. But we keep saying the same things anyway… There’s one more match left to play, let’s just let them get on with it in peace.”

Leonardo had an argument with Ibrahimovic. Will you separate them by bringing Leonardo to Milan?
“No, come off it! What have we got to do with Leonardo and Ibrahimovic?”

Is it the number of games lost that’s stopping you from confirming Stramaccioni or is there something else fuelling your doubts?
“You’re fuelling doubts, not me. You’re the one asking me if I have any doubts, and I don’t have any at the moment.”

Is it true that you’ll reach an agreement with one of the potential partners you’re in negotiations with by the end of May?
“I read that too, I think somebody just made it up. I don’t think so.”

Would you be willing to sell 51% if someone made you a serious offer?

Do you expect to bring anyone else in to the club at a management level?
“I haven’t looked at everything properly yet.”



  • Parth Gawarikar

    This confirms that Strama will be out, Lenardo will come, and most probably we’ll have new investors but not a new owner.

    • Danijel Milekić

      If Leonardo comes back he will be a director, not a coach.

      • Parth Gawarikar

        Thank you, O Wise One, but I knew that. I meant Strama will be out and Leonardo will be coming on as director to appoint someone else.

    • CasperV

      Out?? Really! Where did you read that?? He has no doubt about Strama which most likely means that he’ll keep the talented coach – who else is out there at the moment good enough for us (and do NOT bring Mazarri on – Zeman maby, but not Mazzari!).

      • Peter

        Mazzari doesn’t like youth, I doubt Moratti will bring him in.

      • Parth Gawarikar

        Yeah yeah he says a lot of things. Then why didn’t he readily say that ‘Strama will stay’ in so many words??? Strama will be out, and I think Blanc or Mazzari will come in his place

  • rudy

    Well i dont rly think he is confirmed. He used to say hell stay bla bla bla … Nothing from that concrete answer from president moratti..look at his 1st answer… No not yet.. I think its clear that at least hes got some doubts …he knows that a project needs a proven coach and im sure hell get a gd one to restart from zero ..

  • Ognjen Dakic

    Strama will go…HELL YEAH!

  • kvinches

    Where did that headline come from, Moratti has not confirmed strama in any of those statements. I got scared with that statement. Strama needs to go

    • interdude

      i was quaking in my boots

  • Frey

    The answers (if translated correctly) indicate that Moratti is pissed off and that changes will be made.Brace yourselfs fellow Ineristas, this will be one wild summer!

    • interdude

      i really hope so

  • wtf_not sell??

    Oh no.. He’s not gonna decrease his share. Inter need new sugar daddy

  • Eldoran

    I don’t want him to be out. What’s killing us everytime is because we aren’t able to build something solid. If Mancini won so much it’s because he was able to build a solid team. People have to trust our coach, and let him proof that he can lead the team to the sky. If everytime newspapers says that we will change coach, and if everytime we change it… How can we able to build a team ? That kind of atmosphere is bad. Personnaly i trust Strama. Our medical staff should be sacked, or rebuild, not him. We need depth in the bench, or in reserve, and we need players with better physical preparation, and better care for our injured players.

    • Memo Memo

      i agree with you man ,i want strama to stay and we bring new players to the team , quality ones , the whole team is injured and we have no player to rely on except maybe palacio and Kovacic….i would love to see strama with a better team and new players…we cant blame everything on him…i think most of the people inhere dont understand much that it isn’t his fault completely …on many occasions inter started the games by scoring …then our trash defence consisting of samuel and rannochia fucked everything up and wasted our efforts…we need players everywhere on the team…from the defence to the attack…then after we do that then we can judge stramacioni .

      • Eldoran

        Totally agree, and that’s why i talked about depth. Once again, these injuries killed us. Samuel is a wall, but he’s getting old, and we have nobody to replace him. For all the people who criticized strama… Did you ever noticed what players we got on the bench AND on the field ? We got nobody. That’s why i talked about depth. If a key player is injured what we got ? Nobodies, and these nobodies don’t even have the shoulders or even the talent to replace them. Look at our team in 2010, or even before when we won that much of scudetto. The team was more consistent these years.

        Imo to stop the bleeding, Moratti need to trust the coach and think about the future, not about the results we got with our whole team injured. When we got a full team, we saw results, then the hell came to us with injuries. I’m pretty sure all the people who said that Moratti has to sack Strama, are the same people that said they were happy to see Strama on the bench when it was good for us. I know the results are important… But all that big talk pre season about rebuilding means nothing ? To build something new we need players to bring that, but trust too.

    • interdude

      Nonsense, before Mancini we came fourth and in his first season we came third or second and after that third either way we didnt finish below where he met us. last season six now ninth, its the same medical staff that has been there for years, the same medical staff that nutured poli and guarin back to fitness last season, remember we bought them injured. Strama’s training is shit.

  • slaze

    xaxa there is no doubts he will be fired and Mazzari will replace him :)

  • Mr.Kaka

    Strama would look funny if he was fat


    Me personally not happy with Strama, but i will give him another chance.

    • kevinches

      to get inter relegated

  • ijijiji

    ugh this fucking asshole and his cryptic interviews infuriate me. sell the club already you demented twat.

  • Achmad Faisal Amrie

    if we lose against Udinese then strama will be out next season..