From the Nova Stadio studios, Sandro Mazzola was highly critical of the black-and-blue club for an eventual return of Leonardo to Inter’s upper management. The ex-manager and Inter legend has even threatened to change his football faith in the event that Leonardo does return soon: “If Leonardo returns, I won’t be an Interista anymore. As a coach, he has not won anything, and if he joins the upper management, things will be even worse”.

Source: Nova Stadio


  • 1nteristi

    Shut up Mr. Mazzola…anyone is better then Branca

    • Rafael

      #1 He won’t take the role of Branca.
      #2 Mazzola served at Inter for 17 seasons and is a one-club man. I don’t think his love or loyalty to Inter is questionable.

  • babi

    Leo won coppa italia as inter coach

    • guess_who

      and beat bayern muenchen in the champions league too

      • Rafael

        and lost to FC Schalke 5-2 on home ground too

        • Fahm

          and moved out to PSG, what else?

          • Deden Adi Saputra

            and fought with ibra…

          • Young Assassin

            fight with ibra is a good thing though… lol

  • Abu Hashem

    totally agree with legend Mazzola, Leo left us at an awkward time, we were doing well and he only thought about himself and left, just like what he will do with PSG if we sign him and i cannot just fathom how an ex Milanista would defend Inter in the media & act as a “Galliani”, come on!! are you telling me there are no Interistas out there who can do the job?!!

    • T.

      Let’s take out the equation his winnings. To some degree I agree with Mazzola. Ideally a strong figure that has Inter credibility would be better. But given that Leo has some pretty good connections in the footballing world, he could be counted as an asset.

    • Rafael Vieri

      I agree. He’s useless. The only reason inter is even thiking about this guy is because he’s a friend of the president. That was the only reason we signed him as a coach the first time. I hope he never comes, but sadly, he will.

  • Christian Anthony Lucà

    If Mazzola isn’t coaching or managing a club operations, how can he comment on this. If he says he won’t be an Interista if Leo arrives, then he never was an Interista!

    Interiste till we die!

    • Rafael

      Fact: Mazzola served at Inter for 17 seasons and is a one-club man. I don’t think his love or loyalty to Inter is questionable.
      What facts do you have on Leonardo? None. K thanks bye

      • Donald Dc Langelo

        by the facts you told about Mazzola, is it worth to change club just because of Leo?

        ps: i’m using Interfanatic id too……regards from indonesia

        • Rafael

          Ever heard of something called “bluff” ?

      • Christian Anthony Lucà

        I never said Leo is an Interista. I just said that if he stopped supporting inter over one acquisition, then he wasnt a real Interista to begin with. If we all jumped ship at one bad acquisition, then Inter would have no fans this season. And lets be honest, Mazzola got paid to play, how is he more of an Interista than any one of us who pay to watch Inter play!

    • T.

      Because he was on TV as a commentator…

  • mark

    why everyone here act like they knew leo very well?

    • Rafael

      I have no idea to be honest. We don’t know anything about him yet look at the number of “fans” he has. Where are all these “interista” coming from, it’s making me sick to the guts trying to reason with them.

  • pain in the ass

    I think some of us liked Leo because he’s the last man who gave title to inter and we are sick with nowadays management neither the coach

  • fendy

    Calm down Mr Mazzolla.. If anything to blame, it is current Inter management, not Leo. He was the man who brought Pato to Milan, and now as a director at PSG he won Ligue 1, count it as a success too.. So the main concern is whether he would be fit to fill in a position at Inter. Considering how good he is at recruiting players, I think we need him more than he needs us

  • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    One of our biggest problems:
    We never replaced the legendary Peppino Prisco…and a bit of the soul and hardline fanaticism was lost and never regained after he passed on.
    We need someone like that back, a Matrix-like personality in our management.
    So many other teams have legitimate FANS as members of the back room staff and this brings them all together. We need a mix of businessmen and football fanatics.
    Someone to rile up the supporters, bring a little heart back into the fold.

  • Mahmud

    leo + mourinho

    to people who thinks of their benefits, there comeback can leads us to the same problem where they might jump again and leave us, such people let me feel sic where loyalty is not prioritized.

  • Xahi Xixa Armati

    Oh why? He’s good, not the best but we don’t have much choices. He won Coppa Italia. I wish he’s back as coach (if Stramaccioni is out).

  • Inter DiHati

    He is right, as i said before stop hiring milanisti or juventini people into our club! We need someone who has black and blue in their blood! FFS people the world is big enough to find another leo, mou or whatever we have in the past!

  • JustInter

    Juventini, Milanisti, Romanisti and I don’t see Inter getting anywhere. Are they truly professional? Or their fanaticm to their favourite club wil; make us doom. Time will tell.

  • Ali

    Mazzola would be useful in our management.. Passion and love for inter is unquestionable