Words of love for Chelsea from Lazar Markovic. The talented player of Partizan Belgrade is a transfer target of Inter but the Nerazzurri have a very slim chance in the race against Chelsea as the Blues are expected to land the Serbian in the summer.

Markovic is already feeling like a Chelsea player judging how he discussed the Europa League final between Benfica and Chelsea. “The final of the Europa League? My heart will be with Chelsea.” You cannot be more clear than that.

Source: FC Inter 1908


  • http://www.facebook.com/OriginalMillD Danijel Milekić

    It’s his choice, if he loves Chelsea then good for him but realistically he will rot on the bench and likely ruin his career.

    • sp95

      exactly players like mata, oscar,hazard,marin are the main midfielders, he will hardly have any playing time……Oh well its his loss!!!1

      • http://twitter.com/SindreGud Sindre Gud

        Mata, Oscar, hazard, Moses, marin, de bruyne, malouda, benayoun og piazon are allready wingers at Chelsea. He will most certainly play little to nothing at that club

        • Fahm

          yes, nowadays players only think about big club destination club. Look at players who didn’t have chances to prove in those club. Marin, Lukaku, Canales, even Higuain.

  • RedFormaNHAAAAAA

    the young players today are dumbasses they think that a big club is better for them. i best markovic wouldnt get chances with chelsea

    • rockysmooth28

      Inter are certainly bigger than Chelsea. Your comparison is f’d up.

  • slaze

    Who cares!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandro.mehic.7 Sandro Mehić

    come on, fuck this guy. Move on! he wants Chelsea and thats enough, i dont want players at Inter just because of Money, they need to bleed for this Club like any of us will do if we had gottan a chance in our life..

  • Interisti88

    I’d love Markovic, and sadly his so stupid if he choose Chelsea

  • Janmaijai Singh

    A lot of people are calling Markovic stupid for choosing Chelsea but I feel he will be stupider to join Inter or any Serie A club. He is a player like Coutinho ( great accleration and speed but a weak physical structure and poor tactical approach). The high tempo game of BPL would suit him better. Dont expect him to pan out like Kovacic who is tactically, physically and technically very sound.

  • Inter DiHati

    Let Chelsea sign him, and maybe we can get Lukaku or Marin because they will have like 30 midfielders in their club..

    • InterFin

      I’d like to see Lukaku wearing black and blue