Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has come under fire from the English media after losing the FA Cup final to Wigan this past week. His Wembley press conference was a fiery question and answer session and the name of Inter could be heard several times. The annoyed manager answered questions dealing with whether or not he would be sacked after losing the FA Cup final and finishing far behind champions Manchester United in the league.

The quotes pertaining to Inter have been selected from the full Manchester Evening News transcript:

Question: “But it would be ridiculous to sack you, wouldn’t it?”

Mancini: “In football, everything can happen. I was sacked after seven trophies with Inter.”

Question: “There were the same reports at Inter, weren’t there?

Mancini: “Football is easy for the people who stay outside. It’s easy to talk on the outside. Now, we are talking about one situation, which for me is not true.”

Question: “You said (communications head) Vicky should stop these (sacking) rumours but she can only do that if someone on the board tells her to?”

Mancini: “Vicky is in charge, ask her. It’s difficult for me to say. I say to you one thing. When I worked for Inter Milan, for a month the newspapers wrote the same as you. I thought always, it’s not true, it’s not true, because we are winning.

But after the Italian Cup final, I read a newspaper which is very close with Inter. One journalist wrote that Inter probably would sack me. In that moment I realized maybe it was true. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.”

Question: “Do you get the same sense reading the English newspapers?”

Mancini: “No, because it’s different. In Italy, sometimes, the newspapers are very close to the club.”

Question: “But Inter sacked you and two years later they won the European Cup. They didn’t get the decision wrong, did they?”

Mancini: “I built that team for four years. After two years, they won a Champions League.”

The big claims from the former Inter head-coach will not have made a lesser figure of himself in the media. Wait to see if there is any response from the Inter management, especially Moratti.

Do not rule out a scorching retort from Jose Mourinho either, everyone knows The Special One is not one to spread out the credit for his accomplishments among those outside his teams…

What do you think about Mancio‘s claims? How much credit can go to Mancini for the Inter team that Mourinho led to Champions League glory? Could Mancini have won the treble, or even just the Champions League if he had stayed for those two further years?
All questions that Roberto Mancini raises with his latest words.

 Source: Manchester Evening News – Daily Mail


  • Fahm

    of course he’ll said that, if he said replacing him was the right idea, he really is do not know how to defend himself in front of media, haha

  • Ljun

    Either Mazzari comes or Strama stays. According to GDS which is close to Inter

  • Adrian Dzikrillah

    poor mancini

  • Jeppe Folner

    Along with especially Calciopolis effect on the league and Brancas and others work on the transfermarket, he laid the foundations for the treble to happen. He did not build the treble winning team though seeing as Lucio, Milito, Motta, Sneijder, Pandev and Eto’o wasn’t part of his team at the time he was in charge.

    I must say that I highly doubt if he could have done the same thing as Mourinho. Not many could have. The mentality within our team that year was exceptional and I believe that this team spirit was down to Mourinhos exceptional work. Besides, Mancini hasn’t had much succes in CL at City with a team full of stars which makes me very sceptical…

    • CasperV

      Agree 100%! He brought in a lot of his old friends from Lazio and played a borring type of football where Zlatan alone saved us over and over again! He sucked in Europe and was craying to the press after the lose against Liverpool (if I remember correct) and offered Moratti to step down. THAT was what got him sacked nothing else..
      Actuelly the foundation of the what what Mou made perfect 5-6 years later on, was build by Hector Cuper!

  • Rafael Vieri

    I liked Mancini as a coach. His temper is hard to deal with, but other than that, he’s awesome. I would take him back at Inter any day.

  • iman

    bring him back..
    he is much better than strama..even if its not really hard to be..

    he has experience and know the club good..and he is getting fired in manchester..
    he can be a success..we have just league and coppa next season that would be perfect to build a team and creating a playing concept..

    • guess_who

      Yes i agree, but we should get rid of him again soon after we’ve got champions league ticket!

  • Pinkus

    He looks like Japanese anime, for me mancini is good…his reading of the match passes many times…but in sometime it cracks up and the team doesnt show any tactics or organized playing…his sticking to 4-3-2-1 is also a minus

  • Drac1753

    Mancini was great in the league but he is terrible in the CL. Half of the treble winning side came a season after he left, he doesn’t deserve any credit for that. If Inter had won it during 2008/2009 season, then he could say that it was his team that won it.

  • john y.

    He built a winning mentality, mourinho made a championship system and squad.

    • Donald Dc Langelo

      with all do respect to our Special One, yes i do agree with you john, mancini built a winning mentality, and that was the legacy for mourinho to make inter won the Champions League title

  • Chainsaw69

    He’s right in his claim but I doubt he could achieve what Mourinho did in the treble winning season. Mancini deserves alot of credit though as he took over a team that couldn’t win anything for many years and made it the year to year Italian champions. Mancini, like Mourinho has a winning mentality and he transmitted that to a team that had a loser mentality for many years. The number of comebacks that Inter had in Mancini’s era should tell you that.

    Despite many flaws that Mancio has as a manager he was an important figure in transmitting a sunk ship into a force that won the CL under Mourinho some years later. Mourinho, I believe had a much easier job than Mancini at the first place, as he took an already winning side, did some few changes and led them to the CL. But Mancini had to build the team from the scratch. Many who look at it from the outside may think it was a walk in the park but you bet it is a difficult job. More difficult than they assume.

    • Ahmad Akbar

      like this

  • Fez Faisal H

    Mr mancini: ” I quit inter” right after the elimination from Liverpool. I didn’t respect that at all. And the next day he apologised. Nevertheless moratti had made up his mind at that point and granted him his wish.

    Forza inter

  • alif widyo widodo

    He maybe not built team treable,he built winning mentality,i remember how many inter strugle,and show winning mentality,ex againt sampdoria.remember recoba long range rocket againt sampdoria?

  • Peter

    Mancini just got sacked from Man City about 15mins ago.

  • gigi

    i just love the type of question and how english reports can manage a press conference to turn into a show.

  • #4

    Mancini good at build team from bottom, much better than Strama. but he just got mediocre mentality. he just can achieve Mou or Fergie level. Mancio can get everything he wants in City, but he can make it through group stage CL