While speaking with Rai Sport’s “Super 8″ program, former Lazio and Bari coach Eugenio Fascetti admitted he is confounded by the possibility of Andrea Stramaccioni’s confirmation by chief Moratti.

“Moratti sent (Luigi) Simoni packing after beating Lazio and winning the UEFA Cup. It is now hard to hold onto a coach who lost 15 games.” The puzzled Fascetti went on, “I don’t know how he works or how he trains the team but the coach of a team with 15 losses and has all those injured cannot be blameless.”

Source: Rai Sport


  • http://twitter.com/HamdanHamedan Hamdan Hamedan

    I agree that Strama cannot simply blame it on bad luck (i.e., injuries) alone. I hope that he could be our Sir Alex. Yet Sir Alex improved Man Utd standings from 21st to 11th position on his first season, while Strama not so much.

    • Raja Ahmad Azamuddin

      please do not compare him with SAF, before SAF manage MU, he already break duopoly scottish league by winning with Arbadeen, and he winning european super cup defeating real madrid.
      while strama achievement only with junior champions league because of well youth scouting network.

      i hope next season there will be major improvement under strama, otherwise i will cursed him likes other inter fan.

    • Deemon

      You know i see always people and maybe moratti too thinks he will become like SaF one day !!!!! Comon from his first season you can see he will never become like SaF maybe like Gasperini

  • Hany -lebanon

    Moratti what has he done in the last three years?wrong decisions,bad recruitment and finally with this stramashit who bet on him and lost everything.

    • Mahmud

      definetly, +100
      the first step coutinho and byabyany were sold, plus we never met the goals since last season..which is qualifying to the CL

      • j

        biabiany? are you for real?

  • Rafael

    BRING BACK MANCINI!! We need trophies and that guy knows how to bring them unlike Stramashit who still doesn’t know what formation to use and keeps rotating. (Brace yourselves dislikes are coming!)

    • http://twitter.com/andrewdsjames Andrew James

      You. You with the common sense. Take my upvote.

      • Rafael

        Common sense is not so common. It’s sad. You should see the comparisons that are being made between Strama and sir Alex, those make my day!

  • Mahmud

    strama is a beginner, with no sufficient help…he wont succeed unless he screws inter. he couldve played by 5-4-1 or 3-6-1 to avoid loses , but he didn’t + the team plays with no clear tactics…i think he is 50% OUT, moratti is just fluffing.