Ezequiel Schelotto continues to gain criticism thanks to the player’s sub par performances in the Inter shirt. The Argentinian picked up a 5 rating from the Corriere dello Sport which explained that “even as a right back, he was very bad. Too many errors, little pushing and a lot of insecurity.”

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • sp95

    i want to meet his scout!!!
    I too want to play for inter, besides it cant be that hard
    if schelotto can do it, anyone can!!!!!

    • solointer

      I believe your better than him.

      • sp95

        dude i can honestly say that i am!!!!


    “even as a right back, he was very bad. Too many errors, little pushing and a lot of insecurity.” hahahhahahaha

    • JustInter


      Arrived as right winger. Upgraded to left winger, and finally upgraded again as a right back. I suppose the next position will be left back. Strama need to give some confidence to this guy, not changing his position. Strama is the incompetent one here.

      • http://www.facebook.com/MadNdy Ahmad Randy

        He cannot defend. So I think the best role for him is in a role like Moriero, which is not available in Inter right now.

        • JustInter

          Agree with you. I can see Schelotto is a player with determination as his weapon, not technique. A manager should understand this. It looks like Strama is confuse right now.


        no my friend, Strama has his own problem.
        Schelotto performance is just bad for me, even know he played his original position.
        we cant just keep blaming coach when player playing bad you know… certain thing yes….. of course because coach job.
        but on Schelotto case i dont think because Strama.

        • JustInter

          I am looking this problem from mentality side. If you use to play as right winger, you can’t easily move to the opposite side ( If schelotto isn’t good with his both leg it will be an impossibble mission). He use to play a good football as a right midfield with Atalanta although a little bit flop before he was sold to Inter. Now what you need to do is do some motivation. Moving his position are a sign that you agree he is a flop and should move on for a new life. That’s not good, a big flop from Strama. I’ll eat my word if Schelotto can become a good defender better then him become a right winger.

      • Rafael Vieri

        I guess I agree. It’s not just that, people don’t get that Schelloto is a squad rotation player, nothing more. It’s impossible to buld a squad with 30 stars. I would keep Schelloto next season, he just got at inter and maybe with the pre season camp with the team, some vocation and a fresh head he can do better next season. It’s way to soon to give up on him, unless a good offer arrives, which is unlikely.

        • http://twitter.com/harendro harendro

          He wasn’t brought in for rotation, he replaced livaja and we’re lacking or still not trusting ricky and guaro for left mf, thats why strama brought him in. Sadly, he’s not ready!

          • Rafael Vieri

            Inter used Livaja to get a Right winger, Schelloto. It’s fine, it’s just that he wasn’t even a regular starter at Atalanta, why would inter manager consider him to be one at Inter? The thing is, at that time, all the strikers were avaiable, so Livaja wasn’t needed, Schelloto was chosen to be one option on the flank, an alternative. I disagree that Inter would’ve consider him a regular starter, it just was a good deal at the time. It stopped being one the momment Milito got Injured, but we couldn’t predict the future….

          • #4

            well said my friend

      • oliver

        yeah why the hell strama always forcing the player with new position

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmed.h.sultan.37 Ahmed Haider Sultan

    i cant believe he is wearing the number 7 shirt…….disgrace

    • http://www.facebook.com/OriginalMillD Danijel Milekić

      That number 7 is fuking cursed.
      Quaresma ended up as a biggest fail in Inter transfer market in recent years, Pazzini ended up in Milan, the very moment Coutinho started wearing it he was sold for funny amount of money and now the worst thing, an insecure and completely unskilled player who was brought in for god knows what reason.

      • abdee

        but figo is our legend, you miss that

  • http://twitter.com/bagusadityo Bagus Adityo

    i still clueless about this player. why is the management bought him?
    he’s useless, and really slow for a wide player
    absolutely not an Inter material

  • Hany

    BAD MANAGEMENT.The first to blame is moratti with hids fucken decisions.

  • Hany

    Starmashit must be sacked.

  • http://twitter.com/iimfaisal Achmad Faisal Amrie

    sorry, but i have to say you are not schelotto but shitlotto.. *sigh…very difficult to spell his name

  • qwerty

    and his hairstyle make it worse..