Even the practice fields at Appiano Gentile are under scrutiny. Inter leave nothing to chance and as explained by the Corriere dello Sport, it could be linked to many injuries that have happened throughout this season. One of the causes could be that the fields are just like that of the San Siro with the mixture of natural and artificial grass.

Source: Corriere dello Sport

  • roudy

    Euuuuh…were they different last term? And the one b4?cand the one b4?

    • Inter_eto

      yes, they laid down the new turf last summer, to match the new one the San siro got

      • Elvin

        Didint Bilan do the same thing?

        • Inter_eto

          yes!! its more likely that they made some changes in their fitness training to accomodate for the new surface, while inter just bit the bullet..