The future is near. There are only two matches left until the end of the championship, then it will be time to rebuild over the rubble of a year, that calling it “complicated” would be an understatement. On the eve of Genoa – Inter,  Andrea Stramaccioni, from the press room at the A. Moratti training grounds faced off with the journalists at the routine pre-match press conference.
The reporters from were also at Appiano Gentile and we recap what he said:

On Genoa - How did we prepare? We underwent two days trying to manage our energies. The Napoli and Lazio games were intense and both used the same players, except some left the game in a not so good of a state. So in terms of training, we had a mix of preparing the healthy players for the upcoming match and managing the injured ones.

On Chivu – He hasn’t recovered, he is at risk of serious injury and was in a lot of pain. Andrea (Ranocchia) knows that without Juan there are no defenders available and feels like he needs to contribute. We will evaluate using him in the match.

In discussion – I feel that we need to finish the season on a high note. The last results were not positive but we saw a team that played well and they put the opposing teams in difficulty. Inter has not given up and I’m sure we won’t,  we are working on this: we want to finish well.

Injuries – I will not give you definitive results, but we are observing and evaluating the fields at the Pinetina, I don’t have any definitive opinions, but we are studying the connection between the football grounds and the injuries.

On yesterday’s meeting – The meeting with Moratti? When you speak they use what you say against you,  when you are silent they create fantasy scenarios. I only had a calm chat with the president. We started with several talking points raised about this season. It’s a crucial time for us because we need to be honest and understand how to restart and begin to do well, and I think it’s a good that we met each other. There is nothing to fantasise about.

On Cassano - Antonio is recovering from a bad injury. From Sunday he will contribute to the team. The offensive department’s recovery is important. The rest will be postponed until after Inter – Udinese.

On his confirmation by Moratti - A great show of confidence? I had to analyse the situation with the president. I believe what’s important is to take the right steps in the right direction not to repeat the same mistakes. There are also factors that worsened the situation, this is what we concluded. But what’s important is Inter as a team, and this season has to be fully analysed and understand what were the positive aspects of it, too. Surely we need to re-evaluate everything and I’ll be the first one to undergo this. The president knows and when I frankly laid out the situation to him, it’s up to him to decide. What counts is not me, but Inter,  and he is Inter.

On the team – My boys have given their all for the team, they showed courage when things were going wrong, and I have no doubts about them. We have grown closer as a team.

On Cambiasso - He said that we don’t deserve the Europa League? There are episodes that changed the season, but we all know that and we don’t want to justify anything. Alvarez, who slipped was unlucky, but I would never say that only luck had was a factor. But the injuries have penalised us a lot.

On Kovacic -  It’s only some exhaustion, and yesterday we kept him aside. He wants to be available for Genoa,  but he will play only if there are no risks. He has a wasteful way of playing and he needs to manage it.

On him not having a game plan – This criticism hurts because arrived here and in my 12 year career I have always had my teams play in the same fashion and left my mark on them. Who knows me, would recognise this. If I see a certain module cannot be reused,  I realise that I can find success using another one, and change it. Using the trident formation we were 2 points behind Juventus. It was obvious however, that because we lost key offensive players we were forced to change. I am saddened by the criticism, but I don’t care either, because Inter comes first.

On the transfer market – We need top tier investments, but less than what is assumed. We have a good base that we can build on. Kovacic joined us in January and now that I have seen him play, I think that a player that has these characteristics at 19 years of age is a player of an international calibre. This is why I don’t agree with those that say we had a bad transfer period in January.

On the doubts about him – Doubts from Moratti because you’re unlucky? You single me out, but what would you know about who I singled out? Those that won’t be around anymore, are the ones that brought us bad luck (laughs).
We have reached the end in a bad way, until now but we are under emergency and it would be wrong to just throw in the towel. Instead, Moratti will identify, improve and perfect and he is the only one to decide with whom he will continue his work, from myself to the last gardener. He gifted me with the Serie A, I have tried giving him satisfaction and I will always thank him. We have the will to restart and rebuild, and we are all angry. And he’s the first one that is. It’s all in his hands. I am the first one that is responsible and I faithfully told him what we could do and what already has been done,  the project he has in mind is clear. We talked about everything. Nobody knows Inter better than him, and he decides.

On the youth players - I believe that both Longo and Duncan have demonstrated, and I know them well and know their value, that they are ready to play, because one played in Serie B, the other even played in a international top-flight league.
They both got a lot of experience and are good prospects that could do great things with Inter next season.

Possible profiles of prospective players - What type of players will we buy on the market? When we finish the season, we will discuss this matter and we will find them. Tomorrow we are meeting a team that needs to find salvation, it would not be right, if I say we are getting a new goalkeeper, while in that same role I use a player I have faith in.

On Nagatomo – There is no reason to keep him out and he will take part in the match, tomorrow. He is happy, motivated and will contribute to the game. Based on the latest medical exams he doesn’t need an operation, and has healed but he is not 100%,  I am however, thinking of playing him from the first minute. He seemed fine during the training sessions, and right now there are so many injured players that he might be used from the start of the match.
Preparation problems? One factor is that we played pretty early, many of the players took part in many matches and the number of injuries rose. Nagatomo is motivated and wants to play again, even after the mini-game, there are no reasons to keep him out.
The Confederation Cup? Right now, let’s focus on tomorrow’s game, if the results the way want, he will play, no problem. We will see how it will go and I’m sure it will go well.

On Leonardo - I don’t know him personally, but they all speak well of him. He left a good impression and the president speaks of him as a person with whom he has a good relationship with. But the president has never spoke to me about him, to be honest.

On the team’s defence - Cambiasso has already played as a central defender. Splendhofer, who despite having physical and personal problems, could play too. Meanwhile Pasa showed he can hold his ground well. Two young players could play then? That’s the situation.



  • Comec

    Give me a break…

  • Wasim

    Moratti will need to dig deep and Branca or whoever is our transfer guru will have to get their act together we have to seriously have a great transfer session for next season. Get rid of Silvestre, Chivu, Samuel, Pereira, Jonathan, Schelotto, Rocchi, Stankovic, Kuzmanovic, Cassano if he wants to leave only, Rano has to massively improve otherwise get rid as he has no pace, strength, concentration. Lets buy dominant players, Fernando is a top player. A couple of ball playing midfielders who can keep the ball as well, we need to improve improve our ball possession. We have some defenders arriving (Camp and Andreioli) Get rid of the deadweight above and lets buy another top young CB. We have the weakest attack any Inter team has had since I started to support Inter since 1996, My plea to Moratti, buy some players with pace and dribbling abilty upfront we need players who can beat players in one on ones. Still can’t believe we sold Cou (will become one of the top players in the world) and kept inconsistent and no pace/strength/passing abilty Alvarez? But anyway, MOST OF ALL get a coach who has a clear playing philosophy, this is the most important thing, no more tinkering with tactics, we need to train our players on how to pass the ball (this season we have been awful at keeping the ball) in a specific formation so everyone knows their movement off the ball and this can only happen if you stick to a specific tactic. Bring the age down and hopefully less injuries and get rid of this ridiculous fitness team. We need to start a fresh. I would love it if Montella joined us, he’s going to be a top top coach!

    • deanalmer

      Welcome to Football Manager 2014 :)

    • Sean Mula-Clothing Patrick

      Selling Cou was not our first choice. But it wasnt as if he ever played consistently when given the chance. What we bought with his and Sneijder’s money gaves us double the consistency and solidity that any of them provided in the last 2 seasons; Kovacic.

      • Dizzy

        we still didnt get Cou money from liverpool, where getting after the seasons done

  • Danijel Milekić

    You will hate me for this but i think Strama needs a second chance; even Sir Alex Ferguson started really bad but became a probably best coach ever.

    • Oktaf

      2nd chance and inter will be in seri B. no way man, since winter transfer window, the point that inter got is enough for 17th place.. Just fired this guy ASAP

      • deanalmer

        He deserves a second chance, believe me.

        • Mohammed Al-zadjali

          i agree! what we (italian clubs) need is to stick with one coach till we reach his full demands on the players he want… with strama, he had no choice because of the injuries the players had… if you have any doupt one him just remember that amazing start of the season till the juve match when we started losing some players… honestly i really think that nagatomo has a huge factor in that sucess so i think its better if inter could hang on to him, he’s a great player.

          • sembarang

            perhaps we should remember that we’re in revolution progress and it would take much time. in fact i hope we’re not qualified to europe league next season, so we can focus developt our team in serie A.

      • atmaja

        everyone always compare him with Fergusson. how about if he really couldnt make it and Inter really get relegated? im not taking that shit actually. he needs to go. hate me for my comment as well, but my opinion will not change. he isnt inter material yet

        • Boudou

          I can’t stand the Fergie or Mourinho comparaisons either. Thats just bogus, he hasn’t done anything to deserve to be named in the same sentence as those 2

          • Danijel Milekić

            He had us rolling with full squad, i’m ready to give him another go when all players are ready next year.

      • Ahmed Haider Sultan

        i am going to tell you why strama deserves a second chance……its not his fault half of our players are injured …..before all of this we were second after beating juvuntues in their own staduim 3-1….imagine barcelona with messi and iniesta out injured ….would they still play like they play now………imagine bayern munich with ribery, muller and lahm out injured do you think they would be in the champions league final ………..imagine manchester utd with carrick and van persie injured …would they have won the tittle this year………….thats what happened to us and besides the rest of our sqaud are mediocre any other coach would have trouble getting them to even a europe league spot

        i say give strama another chance nxt season……if his losing trend is still continuing then sack him


        • CasperV

          I totally agree!! Keep him and provide him with wingers that he needs in order to play his 4-3-3 system!

    • Sean Mula-Clothing Patrick

      I agree. Whilst he has shown inexperience, he has also shown intelligence. People quickly forget how great we were doing until Milito and Samuel’s first injuries. Sneijder’s contract ranglings didnt do much to help either (neither did he himself). What we see here is the result of an Injury crisis none of us has seen before. That is what needs desperate and calculated evaluation.

      • Sean Mula-Clothing Patrick

        Plus, he accepts pay prolly 1/5th of the minimum any other coach would. Like 10k a week right?

    • Chalon

      Yes, one more season. I believe in giving projects proper time to develop.

    • Guest

      this is what im saying..

      • Guest

        but he needs to step it up in little ways.

    • CasperV

      I AGREE!!!!

    • Fredy

      looks like no one downed your comment yet lol

    • indo_inter

      Sir alex sticks with his formation for many year even they lose. . Maybe change formation but not dramatically. With strama I dont know..

  • El Capitano

    better than

    • T.

      Thanks. :)

  • Inter01fan

    Spendlhofer could play :O I want to see him play!!!

  • Chin

    If we take messi villa pedro fabregas xavi iniesta bisquets alves pique puyol mascherano out of barca would thy win any games? The injuries crippled our season as it would have done any team in the world.. Dont blame strama.. Forza Inter!!!

  • interdude

    whoever wants Strama to stay just cant see, you can never ever compare him to Sir Alex or Mourinho. Mourinho started at a small club and gradually gained experience if am not mistaken he was at two clubs before porto and Sir Alex already had mangerial experience before manutd and manutd were an average club trying to go big and not like inter world champions now turn mediocre. the only reason Strama was appointed isbecause inter where trying to pull a Guardiola and as we all know now he is no Guaerdiola. if inter wants to be a mid table team for the next three years they stick with Strama but if they want to return to the top then he must leave. injusries aside we where already fourth by beginning of january, if am not mistaken again we had a full squad minus Milito that fell 3-1 to udinese and siena, 4-1 to fiorentina, bologna 1-0, tottenham 3-0 and the list goes on, palacio and Cassoano only went out at the end of march. Strama is clueless. i say fire him now