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Two more matches you guys. Two more then this season is over. Genoa are going to be a tough opponent due to the fact that they must win to secure Serie A spot for next season and with the backing of their home fans, it will be a huge obstacle to over come (as sad as that sounds for a 17th place team in the league). Anyway, Inter will have a few injuries as usual. Pereira, Jonathan, and Chivu are out for the match while Ranocchia is doubtful. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport the back four of Inter consists of Schelotto as your right back and Nagatomo on the left naturally. But the real story here is perhaps the duo in the central defense in Spendlhofer and Pasa, two young Inter players that have not had a lot of Serie A experience until recently (for Pasa at least).

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Danijel Milekić

    I hope we dont start with this squad. Kids cant defend well enough and we will concede for sure. Not to mention this dumbshit Schelotto… I have never hated any Inter player except for him.

    • Peter

      We haven’t got anything left to lose?

      • Danijel Milekić


        But yes, i understand what are u trying to say.

    • Sean Mula-Clothing Patrick

      I think that’s where we should have been trying to naturalize him from day one. Like Abate was not convincing as a winger but rounded out really well as a wing back, I hope Schelotto is able to do the same.

  • jimmy

    Wow, spendlhofer debut! Young talent from bavarian. We’ll see how good he is.. I mean potentially..

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    screw schelloto ….play benassi as right back instead


    Pelligrini -> ManCity
    Mancini -> Inter
    <3 pls morattti bring him back!!

    • Danijel Milekić

      Dude, Mancini is bad, he has infinite supplies of money and he gets tons of players every summer;look how he ended up, lost to Wigan.


        …but win two Scudettos whit Inter!!
        I repeat: MANCINI TO INTER

        • CasperV

          he only won ´cause Juve were in serie b and milan (an everyone else) had a shit-load of points redused – anyone would have won with inter and the world-class-players we had back then

          • interdonesia

            i wouldn’t agree with this. he take fiorentina and lazio to win the coppa and take lazio to champions places even with all so much problem in both clubs. don’t forget that he is the one who make maicon a great fullback and give jc a chance to be great gk though there was toldo there. and what about cambiasso? mancini has his flaws. but saying that he is a bad manager? thats rubbish

          • surya ghuman

            i dont think mancini will be the right person now or whether he will come…but he has done good with teams before u cant really say that…his style of play is not exactly flamboyant which man city wants hence the problem..but he is good in domestic leagues with physical teams

        • Peter

          Mancini to Inter is a bad idea, Strama is our best option right now.

    • Xahi Xixa Armati

      I agree, I’d like to see again Mancini at Inter. I’nm supporting M. City since Mancini is coach there. :=)

  • Comec

    Today is my 21th birthday, please inter we must win today.

    • Dino

      Congratz homie!! <3

      • Comec

        Thank you ;)

    • Inter01fan

      Happy Birthday :D

      • Comec

        Thx bro <3

    • Hussain Ahmed ♡


      • Comec

        Thx :)

  • Peter

    Spendlhofer not starting, playing 3421

  • atmaja

    just 2 more matches to finally wrap up this disastrous season. i dont know why the declining process from treble champion into this inter run so fast.

    • Ljun

      One word. Management

  • kay

    Something tells me the game will end in a 3-0 or 3-1 margin with Inter winning

    • Peter

      Inter haven’t even tested Frey all game, not sure how that’s going to happen..

  • Achmad Faisal Amrie

    one more more game…!!!


    Shit players+shit coach+shit Managment+shit transferpolitic+INJURIES= Inter :D


    Yes it’s not only Stramaccionis responsible for this horror Season but he is a great reason of this horror. He take off a good Guarin a good Alvarez… What the hell?? Schelotto fuck off and take Kuzmanovic and Rocchia whit you.

    • sp95

      i agree with strama taking guarin off because he was trying to shoot from way out and failing over and over again. However im with you with the Alvarez one… he should not have left the pitch.

      If i was strama i would have done this, replace scheletto with garritano
      rocchi with cassano and guarin with benassi earlier on in the game

  • interdonesia

    can’t believe my eyes. our youngest, first timer in starting xi become our best defender and even maybe one of our two best player here? WHAT THE F**K is wrong with these guys? and time and time again handa saved our butt. one more to go to get off this hellish time, patience, patience, patience. btw now that palermo is off to B, can’t we get munoz and ilicic? and i mean NOW?

  • Rafael Vieri

    I couldn’t watch the game. Can someone tell me if Rannochia and Alvarez got injured? And how Schelloto Spendhofer Cassano and Nagatomo played? Anyone played well today? (besides the obvious Handa).

    • interdonesia

      simone pasa should be another man of the match there (beside handa obviously). and imo kovacic wasn’t as good as he was before. seems he and rano were forced to play even though they weren’t actually 100% fit. but they didn’t really bad either. rano seems to be injured again. wait, that wasn’t even a surprised isn’t it?

      • Rafael Vieri

        Ahhaha yeah, injury doesn’t surprise us anymore…Sadly.

    • Ahmad Akbar

      rano left the field due to injury in 2nd half, not bad display from him. pasa shows another good performance and spendhofer gives what he can which is good for his debut match.schelotto didnt seem to convince us once again. nagatomo and cassano play quite good after long injury

      • Rafael Vieri


  • Raja Ahmad Azamuddin

    well, another coward 3 defense.. nope actually it is 5 defense;super coward! while the opponent attack, there will be wing back shifting to left and right back which add the defense from 3 to 5 backline. even with 5 defense, the mediocre/lower team able to fully penetrate inter defense easily to get good chances.
    there is no improvement on inter defense yet. i don’t know how strama still not realise this faulty defense.

    i’m still remember how capello said that he hate 3 defense system; it just the system is going backward and old gameplay and he also mentioned that the defense is not 3 defense, but it just 5 defense.

    i just hope next season there will be brand new inter gameplay.

    my allegiance to inter will be forever and ever till my death!
    forza inter!


    gr8 display inter…finally a point …incredible display …gr8 formation …rly rly well done …loved our hunger and the strong will of the players ….strama is not only a gr8 coach …but a gr8 talker! so dramatic…its always like inter is whats important for him…..if its the case then just quit u loser! i was a gr8 fan once he came …but it makes me furious seing the formation switch from week to week..AND NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF INJURIES…EVEN AT THE START OF THE SEASON ..COUTINHO PLAYS A WEEK…PRODUCES GR8 PERFORMANCE..AND THEN THE WEEK AFTER HES NOT EVEN ON THE BENCH ..MILITO WAS PASSING THROUGH ROUGH TIMES SCORING UNLIKE PALACIO WHO WAS SCORING EACH TIME INTRODUCED..BUT YET HE ALWAYS OPTED FOR MILITO…LIVAJA WAS COMING GOOD FOR US ..BUT NO HE WANTED SCHELOTTO AT ALL COSTS!

  • g

    It’s Time that Curva Nord got rid of Moratti please guys from Curva Nord start bombing his office so he would resign all his power and take Branka and Ausilio with him and Merda Fassone!

    • Zam


    • surya ghuman

      well or you can give ur hundred of millions to inter….

  • Inter DiHati

    Good result! Now we can wake up and push for the CL place, there’s still plenty games to play! oh wait…

    • Oktaf

      yes bro, stil 3 more point left.if that point multiply by 9, we can qualify to CL.. I hope we are better next year…

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    At least a draw, lol… Spendlhofer…??? Where this kid comes…???

  • Xahi Xixa Armati

    What to say? Simple… Forza Inter.

  • guess_who

    No news about transfer target today? its enough with this season.. no need to discuss the rest of season match!

  • interdude

    whoever wants Strama to stay just cant see, you can never ever compare
    him to Sir Alex or Mourinho. Mourinho started at a small club and
    gradually gained experience if am not mistaken he was at two clubs
    before Porto and Sir Alex already had managerial experience before manutd
    and manutd were an average club trying to go big and not like inter
    world champions now turn mediocre. the only reason Strama was appointed is because inter where trying to pull a Guardiola and as we all know now
    he is no Guardiola. if inter wants to be a mid table team for the next
    three years they stick with Strama but if they want to return to the top
    then he must leave. injuries aside we where already fourth by
    beginning of January, if am not mistaken again we had a full squad minus
    Milito that fell 3-1 to udinese and siena, 4-1 to fiorentina, bologna
    1-0, tottenham 3-0 and the list goes on, palacio and Cassano only went
    out at the end of march. Strama is clueless. i say fire him now. I remember sometime ago when Strama said “inter weren’t an average club that had a good run but a big club going through a bad time”, fellow interisti we all know now the former is the case. lastly as a former semi-pro footballer the real reason behind the injuries is not enough fitness training, the physical exercises are not enough

    • Peter

      Don’t think anyone here was comparing him to Mourinho or Ferguson. A clueless manager doesn’t go on a 7 game winning streak in the league that saw Juve’s unbeaten run come to an end in their own stadium of all. All of those losses came in a fixture intensive schedule with some members of our squad no longer at their physical peak, I’m surprised we don’t have more injuries and ones of greater severity. Plus, we’re paying him shit all compared to coaches in positions similar to his. I believe with the right signings to fit his play style, Inter can return to a position of power. Continuity is key and by constantly changing coaches, won’t take us anywhere but lower.

      • interdude

        i dont think you read when i said inter were an average club that had a good run, it was a LUCKY run that’s all, you cant tell brilliance when its going good but when its tough the ability to respond well and get out of it, ever since when we bit juventus, the only place inter have gone is DOWN !!! which supports the fact that the seven game unbeaten run was mere luck. we are worst than last season and dont forget the record 15 losses. Injuries is just a mere excuse we werent the only club in europe, Milan, Juve, Lazio and they are way ahead of us. Milan and Roma can from the bottom half to surpass us.

        • Peter

          Luck has nothing to do with it, not even the luckiest of coaches would have gone on a 7 game winning streak in this league. FACT. You know why else we started to slip up after the Juve game? Our match schedule was becoming tighter and tighter, that and we have no squad depth, teams like Milan and Juve, have greater squad depth than us, Lazio has better depth but not to the extent of Milan and Juve. Inter were in a downward spiral ever since Mourinho left, Strama is in a much tougher situation compared to others. You have extremely judgmental fans demanding that this and that be done thinking they know the ins and outs of a club like it’s some game. The team is in decline after peaking high with the treble, it’s a cycle, it happens even to the best of teams though admittedly this is a pretty low trough. Miracles don’t happen in one season my friend, Strama has his ups and downs but the first half of the season he was brilliant tactically, everyone here praised him, team slumps because of an over-crowded schedule and injuries and everyone takes it out on the coach.

          Right now, we’re going though a similar situation to Juve after calciopoli, we can’t afford to have a world class laden roster at this time and we’ve had to cut back and rebuild. It will take time.

          • Stojan Mihajlovski

            Did you just compare us to Milan?!?! Milan has squad depth? Are you insane?!?! They play with the likes of Constant, Yepes, Zapata, Muntari and Niang … and you know what – they play GOOD, and Inter plays like shit… our game is down to letting a mediocre player like Guarin taking long shots at the opposing goalkeeper and hope one will enter the net… We have no free-kick taker for fucks sake… What team doesnt have a freekick taker? Ill tell you – a shit team. I am sick of tired of people blindly defending Strama and saying “forza Inter” just because they are fans and then need to “stick with their team”. I’ll tell you a sad fact, Inter are mediocre and getting Mourinho and winning the CL was the exception, and NOT THE RULE.
            Our transfer policy is totally illogical and stupid – we sold Coutinho for fucks sake – do I need to say more? We were left with Alvarez who has 1 good game out of 5, and dont let me get started on Pereira, Schelotto, Rocchi and the likes… we even tried to buy KAREW?!?! You tell me, do you know of a top club that would do such a thing? Because I dont….

          • Peter

            They have a better bench then us, plain and simple, and at least their shit players play better than our reserves… If that’s insane, so be it. I admit we do have a fucked up transfer policy but Coutinho was just like Alvarez, for every good game he played, he had 3 or 4 shit ones if anything, Coutinho is a smaller, faster, right footed Alvarez. Guarin is a fucking idiot, I don’t know why we bought him, he was mediocre at best during his loan spell and is getting worse game by game. Schelotto, shit signing, no questions asked. Pereira was a good left back at Porto, not sure why he’s having such a tough time in Italy. Rocchi was a cut-price option for our attack that knows the league, be grateful that we had him in attack when the rest of our attackers were in the infirmary. If you even bothered to read anything while we were attempting to “sign” Carew it was right AFTER the transfer window had closed and right AFTER Milito’s injury. A top club that made an emergency signing during an injury stricken period, couple of seasons ago when Arsenal was left with only Almunia not injured, brought Jens Lehman out of retirement to back him up. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

          • interdude

            let me remind you that juve kept chopping and changing till they found Conte and Coutinho has been wonderful for Liverpool if you watch EPL. Strama tactic is SHIT he keeps chopping and changing between3-5-2, 4-3-3, 4-3-1-2. against Parma a few weeks back we won with 4 at the back only for World Best Coach Strama to opt back to 3 at the back against Palermo and LOSE changing back to four after 73 mins again against napoli and then shift back to 4 against Lazio. My friend Strama has only taken Inter one place and thats down.
            He has no idea and is just guessing. the only highlight was those Seven games, 7 out of 38 games, im no professor but its obvious he failed and will only do such nesxt season even with world class players. Guarin as trequartista ……. pfffft.

          • Stojan Mihajlovski

            Dude, there you go again…. talking stuff out of touch with reality… Diamanti will be 30 when we get him… wasnt the point developing a youth project? As for Karew, if you spent 5 minutes checking relevant football sources in the period when we wanted to sign him, you would have seen that he was asked by A.Villa supporters if he would come play for them to help them not get relegated and he answered that he could not get match-fit for at least 5 months…. and this all happened 2 weeks before we asked for him. Players look at Inter like a chance to earn some money while playing football… And what about the injuries? How is it possible that we have the same medical team we had when we won the CL, and now all the sudden we get 14 injuries in a season, most of them being long-term injuries. Could it be that something is going wrong in training? NOOOO, whatever you do, dont blame the coach!! He is innocent. And why is that? Because he had a 7 win streak… big fucking deal. Get your heads out of your asses and smell reality. It doesnt smell good for Inter.

          • interdude

            Finally Someone who share my point of view

          • interdude

            Over-crowded schedule my ass, are we the only ones playing ? that’s the flimsiest of excuses.

          • Peter

            13th, 15th, 20th, 23rd
            10th 14th 17th 21st 24th
            3rd 7th 10th 14th 17th (Got lucky with the Sampdoria game being postponed)

            Feburary and March both having 2 weeks with 5 fixtures each (got lucky with March)

  • wtf

    Just notice serie A standing minutes ago.. inter milan is below catania.what a shame season this year

  • Norman Jimenez

    anybody know where i can watch/download the game online? Any help woulod be appreciated