Luka Modric at Inter? For the Spanish newspaper Marca, it is not going to happen at least right now. The paper, very close to all events related to Real Madrid, denies the possibility that the Croatian midfielder could leave the Merengues in the summer. The player is still considered one of the 11 non-transferable players even in the case of a new coach.

Source: Marca


  • inter milano

    Damb atleast let me fantasize about this rumour for more than a day .. sheesh! :/

  • inter milano

    Damb atleast let me fantasize about this rumour for more than a day .. sheesh! :/

  • salv

    He is weak and over rated. A superstar at a mid table team but will only show the odd glimpse of excellence at a top 6 team. W already have Ricky to leave us frustrated, dont need another..

    • Kristijan Mihajlovsk

      Just in case you haven’t noticed, Inter is #7 on the league table right now, not exactly world class, especially in the second part of this season… if you know what I mean :v

      Modric would be a dream for most players Inter have right now, and the exceptions are very few indeed (Cassano, Palacio, Milito, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Kovacic – all except Mateo 30 years old or more! Not comparing them really, just stating that these players are players of some class, and not all of them are exactly better than Modric.)
      Fact is, we can’t afford him, and it is certainly perfectly unrealistic to think about a player like Modric, considering his age, current club and yes, status – despite the less than perfect season he has had (which by the way doesn’t entirely come down to him alone). Just because he has had a bad first season in the biggest football club on the planet doesn’t make him a failure in big clubs, not everyone can exactly be Cristiano Ronaldo right away. Inter should be begging for a player of Modric’s class nowadays.

      Oh, and don’t you dare compare Ricky with Modric. I respect Ricky for the things he’s done this season, but the news about Inter planning on getting 25 million for him from Atletico Madrid and singing his praises like he’s worked miracles that changed the season for Inter is just ludicrous!

  • slaze

    Everybody is on sale for the right price but the problem is we dont have the fu.ken money

    • MillD

      There is a difference between not having money and not being willing to spend money.

      • Fernando Martinez

        Or not being ABLE to spend it (thanks to FFP)

  • Muhamad Faiz Robbani

    not for sale, for loan, indeed.

    • Riedl Suyono

      co-ownership maybe

  • Memo Memo

    All these are just words …you never really know what happens in da summer transfer window …these are the team’s ways of saying ” we want lots of money” for the player

  • Fahm

    yes, at least he will be available for loan :D