According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, for Mauro Icardi, the current Sampdoria forward, everything really is done.

“Moratti had his eyes on him for months and the deal, which was discussed and written in writing, was virtually closed for some time based on an assessment of 15 million euros. Moratti and Garrone have agreed to view 13 million as a three-year payment.”

The rest will be paid with Inter sending a player to Sampdoria in co-ownership. This player has yet to be determined.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Deden Adi Saputra

    oh not, this deja vu again…

  • Ricky09

    ill believe it when i see it.

    • Wickedpedia PHil

      O he’s definitely inter’s but that’s not the problem

  • Abood Da Shinzo

    Great siging. I would love to see him and Benteke play together

  • JustInter

    I think he is over rated. Hope I’m wrong, I don’t want him to be the next Pazzo.

  • mongkih

    inter will sadly sent rocchi as the co-ownership player :(

    • Ognjen Dakic


  • qwerty

    15 Million euro for a kid who just had only one good season in his career? Well, good luck then..

    • atmaja

      tell me who your suggestion is then? falcao? cavani? lewandowski? sometimes pointing finger towards anyone else is much easier. moreover when they didnt perform like what we expected

      • Zselic

        Bony, Ibarbo, Aubameyang, Rodrigo, Muriel, Hernandez, Remy, Belfodil

    • Thatdude

      What if Milan refused to fork out 19 mil for SES a Serie B player with one good season under his belt? Or man utd decided they wouldn’t take a gamble on an 18 kid from the Portuguese league?

  • Aldo Ekaputra

    I think its enough with icardi news already lets just stop reading and watch how his performance next season…

  • Alejandro

    please stop writing theese kind of posts since its really annoying. It has been said atleast 50 times if not more.

  • Angga

    this kid is overrated..

    inter need a stiker who can guarante can score 20+ per season..

  • Tony Helenius

    If a 20 yo player can score two against Juve, then I believe he’s totally worth it

  • Juan

    You people sure like to bitch about everything.

    • Just Inter

      what do you expect on internet?
      people get their news free, yet they still bitching

  • interisti17

    Good news!
    Now sign Benteke or Aubameyang as Icardi mate

  • Thatdude

    Guess what guys, if you want quality you have to pay for it. It’s a gamble but we don’t have the funds to pay for an established world class striker so we have to create our own. Icardi has all the tools, we just need to be patient and not expect him to be a star from the first minute.

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    13 million in three years …meaning we will pay almost 4M a season for him …huh that’s a good deal for us

  • Abood Da Shinzo

    Guys relax. Icardi is a beast and has great movement. He just needs a partner now to link up with him. Ambeyang or Benteike are the ones who i like. Hes only 20 !! And already a tailsman in Samp, imagine when hes 25 or 26. I hope we nuture him well.