As reported by Massimiliano Nebuloni to Sky Sport, at the end of season Antonio Cassano will probably leave Inter. “There is an 80% chance that Cassano will say goodbye” explains Nebuloni, the separation seems almost certain.

Source: Sky Sport


  • mudasir

    no!!… he will be an BEAST of a playe next season if he plays behind the speedy players… as we saw with palacio and cassano against tottenham… PLEASE STAY!

  • Xahi Xixa Armati

    Please don’t. We need class players like him.

    • Antonio

      we will sell him and take Belhanda , he is more younger and will be better than Cassano :)

      • Xahi Xixa Armati

        Yeah, I saw Belhanda, he’s really good but still I want Cassano. :-(

  • Rafael Vieri

    If his situation is unbearable, there’s little we can do about it.But if it’s not, if the players like him and the president and coach are ok with him staying, I would most definely keep him for another year. But all those statement saying that he looked down on our youth players and estigmatize them as worthless, that concernes me. Ibrahimovic used to do the same thing at Inter and Milan, people actually made a party when he left. El Sharawii himself confirmed that…I hope Cassano is not like that.


    Cassano has no speed & strenght but nobody can make passing like he did…… stay one more season will help INTER a lot….

  • Aditya Chandra

    It’s like saying there is 80% chances of me drinking coffee tomorrow morning.

    • Rafael Vieri

      HAHAHAAHA….pretty much.

  • slaze

    sell him and buy Belhanda or Diamanti……they are defenitly better options for the future

    • mongkih

      no no no no to diamanti. just a crybaby. watch him weeks ago when facing us? whining aroun, diving around time and times more. inter don’t play like that, our neighbor or stinky zebra and capital puppy may take him if they want to. we play with skills and brain.

  • Darth Vader

    Nooooo, i wanted him so much at Inter and now he leave… he need to listen to his black and blue heart

  • mongkih

    dang! another negative news spreading around. haters will hate :-<~

  • ahmad

    who is this nebuloni guy? and why does he always like stating this rumour about cassano? and for god sake, i dont see any fuckin proof or further explanation about the departure of cassano! if a journalist simply does it, then i can be an so called expert anytime i want. fuck this should convince him to stay.

  • 1908

    It’s bullshit cassano isn’t going anywhere he’s found his family now