25 thousand fans were at the San Siro watching the match between Inter and Tottenham. Despite small in number, the fans did a very nice job encouraging our players to give their all and Inter almost achieved an improbable comeback. However, the only negative of the night was the shameful chants at the end of the match towards Adebayor.

“I believe that UEFA will intervene for the chants towards our striker, these behaviors will put Inter in a difficult position,” said AVB after the match. Given the strong stand of UEFA on racism, Inter could face a hefty fine if not worse. The worst possible scenario is a suspension in European competition (playing without fans) given that Inter will be able to qualify for it next season.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • http://twitter.com/mongkih mongkih

    i never could understand what’s on those racist pricks’ mind :( if they love this club, they should never do something silly as those improper chants

  • Inter DiHati

    Internazionale means plural race…so why racist?

    • sp95

      dude i agree, i believe the reason why inter was formed was because they wanted to introduce different races,religions,cultures into italian football.So why are the fans being racist? MAKES NO SENSE!!!!

  • Rafael Vieri

    Will this never end? We had black players like Mariga, Muntari, Mundigayi Balotelli and others recently. Those people really want Africans to feel unwelcome at Inter? Because it would be our loss. I can’t stand Racism, specially when coming from those who love what we all love. Let’s be smart, people. Let’s kick Racism out of football- FM quote..

  • AK17

    My guess is that these chants grew louder at the end when Adebayor tried to waste time by keeping the ball near the corner flag and kicking Jonathan right after he lost it. With that said, that or anything else does not justify racism..

  • yee boii

    When will these ignorant fcks just stop going to the stadium its doing nothing for the team except hurting them. These people need to go back into their little holes and not crawl out till they realize we are all humans we bleed the same color, we cry the same tears and we love the same sport. Instead of football dividing us it should unify the people. But then again, rascist do not respond to reason they have no purpose in this world except hate. so sad to see our beloved INTERNAZIONALE pay for these ignorant humans. But sadly someone has to pay for these acts and sadly it is our Nerazzurra.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1069723346 Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    1/3 of our team is of dark skin color…so this makes no sense.
    Those fans are no fans, whoever the f they are they need to gtfo of our games.

  • jr

    moratti should ban their asses from the stadium and games.