Incredible news revealed by the Gazzetta dello Sport on its first page of today’s edition of the newspaper. Inter have in fact reached agreement with Alexis Sanchez to take him to the city of Milan. With him, Song and Montoya could also come and wear the black and blue colors. The dream of Massimo Moratti is to put together a fantastic four with Palacio, Icardi, Sanchez and Lennon.  Let’s recall that Sanchez was approached by Inter a couple of years back before landed in Barcelona.


Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Michael

    • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej


    • DonTuliosS vero Interista

      LoooL you got all my 4 thumbs up for this one Michael ;))))

    • eUneed


    • gigi

      the same face for me when i first read this story! thank you for this lovely site and your hard work for us interisti.

  • hasse77

    We can presume that this might happen if we play CL next year…

  • Zoran Panic

    Why Lennon?

    • Thom Yorke

      John Lennon..?

      • Sebastian Alston

        Aaron Lenon.

      • Andhika Putra Satrio

        lol and your name is Thom Yorke

    • iamsuperman

      no lennon please, he is overrated. he wont do well in italy.

      • Nick Jansen

        overrated, not at all, he is one of tottenhams best and most consistent players this season(bla bla Bale, Vertongen, Lloris…), however i agree he propbly wouldn’t fit in italy, most english players doesn’t seem to like Italy, i’m sure there is a reason for that

  • Ren

    Too good to be true.

  • Mercer

    Alex Song, Montoya and Sanchez??? As much as I would love this, it will most definetly never happen.

    • Στεφανος Τσουντας

      they will cost around 50million or even 60…

  • slaze

    Sanchez it’s enough,no need of Song and Montoya,please Morati bring this guy….

  • mudasir

    PLEEEEEASE be true!!!!

  • frank


  • anonymous

    “The dream of Massimo Moratti is to put together a fantastic four with Palacio, Icardi, Sanchez and Lennon”
    so, moratti will coach inter next season ?

    • Thom Yorke

      And Luciano Moggi as a President

  • Shazz

    We need ti get that Fkin 3rd spot, and then this CAN be a Reality. COME ON INTER!!

  • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    I feel like Moratti is putting EVERYTHIING into place with the thought that we HAVE to get 3rd place. He’s almost in denial that its very likely we don’t.
    If we do, all this can be possible…that is one HUGE ‘if’ however…
    I’m not crossing fingers anytime until a) the season’s over and we know what we’re working with and b) September 1st.
    Lets be real, this is Pazza Inter. Nothing is EVER certain until the 121st minute. :P

    • Este19

      This. I’m getting kind of tired of reading so much coverage of the things we’re going to do if we get the 3rd spot. Frankly it’s depressing, because it looks more and more like we’re not getting it with each passing day. The last game against Spurs is the only ray of light in what seems an eternity… and it didn’t even count for anything, objectively.

      • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

        Amen. I mean, eh. What can we even say, at least Moratti is trying to be serious about rebuilding…but we’re building sand castles before high tide…I don’t even know man.

  • QQ

    Too good to be true,,,very happy to read this :D

  • Rafael Vieri

    Don’t know who montoya is, but A. Sanchez would be a dream come true for me. Amazing player. Man I wish that was true.

    • lorenz

      so true . inter could potentially hav the best attack in serie a

  • anas


    and they put lennon to become more reality

  • PazzaInter

    Ok..? This must be a real joke o.O

    …I think im dreaming… ZzzzZZ…ZZZzzZ…ZZZz…

  • Weston


    • handsome


  • Ravcio

    Truly unbelievable news, I hope this is true. Anyway, if Milan could buy Ibra from Barca for the price they did, why can’t we do the same with Sanchez? I hope that current team won’t lose the chance to qualify to CL, so these news will become real!

  • Weston

    Guys do we have to pay to talk in this site?

    • Rafael Vieri

      What do you mean talk?
      You’re writing for free aren’t you?

    • eUneed

      you can pay michael if you want! :P

      he has no problem at all in this case! i think!

  • Uche Esele Akahome

    I dont even know how to feel about this. He has been abysmal for Barcelona this season. He has like 3 goals in all competitions. Hopefully, hes not good in La Liga and regain his old form if he arrives. I hope

  • Weston

    Sorry I’m new to this anyways I bet I’m the youngest interista on this site. And do we have to pay cause my parents would be pissed

    • Sebastian Alston

      im 15. u? and no for what?

      • ove998

        im 14 :D

        • Guest

          I am 10.

          • i’ll be named soon

            i’m posting from my mothers womb

  • chris

    Hmmm dis realy sound funny….

  • Weston

    15 also

  • Weston

    How long have u guys been inter fans? And to Sebastian I’m 15.

  • Dhama Zidqi

    this news just make my day…..

  • idiot

    malu sama cicak

  • dr.feelgood

    Moratti will sign montoya, juan pablo montoya to gain more speed for inter o guess, hahahah

  • Deden Adi Saputra


  • Junot Iskandar

    Here we go again…

  • indo_inter

    Even we cannot reach 3rd place, at least we have very good transfer for next season. If we buy those player in next transfer window maybe be failed coz Inter not in CL

  • Sean Mula-Clothing Patrick

    Hope its not for handanovic

  • Neil

    Anyone who thinks we are getting those 3 players from Barcelona this summer is ridiculous! Sanchez on loan with option to buy for about 18 million is more likely…. Just like the Zlatan case! Montoya won’t leave and Song isn’t good enough for our team! Be realistic! And a bid for Sanchez could only happen if we teach 3rd spot! His wages would ruin everything our club is trying to aim for at the moment!