Directly from Sky studios, Massimiliano Nebuloni is certain that the future of Esteban Cambiasso is at a crossroads.

“At the end of the season. Cambiasso will meet with management and they will decide together for the contract extension. I would say that this situation is half and half: 50% for him staying, the other 50% for the farewell.”

Source: Sky


  • Michel Kupelian

    honestly his age seems to be catching up with him.. every time inter concede a goal i see cambiasso walking around in the park!

  • Brandon

    Throw that garbage away!

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    i still think he is useful coming on as a substitute ….remember the catania game

  • Hamdan Hamedan

    He is still useful against relatively slow team. Against fast midfielders, his reading of the game just cannot help him anymore.

  • trinitym234

    If he decide to coach,I bet he’ll be much better than Strama

  • slaze

    than excange him with river plate for cirigliano

  • il capitano<3

    he has been our best midfielder this season….

  • nbawiles

    I hope cambi will retire at inter. pls keep him as a legend besides zanetti

  • DHIKA//

    Just put him on coach or staff list like cordoba :)

  • abie1908

    Leave! give Benassi and Alfred Duncan times to play or replace him with Lucas Biglia, younger Argentine who loves to play with us.