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Already five signings and now the assault to Jung. Inquiries for Cirigliano and Melano.

The German must be convinced before the eventual renewal. Now, only costs 2.5 million.

Botta signed yesterday for four years. That plus Campagnaro, Andreoli, Lexalt and Icardi

Milan – The present is fiery. The future, however, will go ahead. Inter must avoid worsening the current situation and continue working on the team for next season. And so far, they are doing so with a sense of urgency, working in advance, and with a plan. Not by chance that the name of Sebastian Jung has re-emerged, one that seemed to have already renewed with Eintracht. Instead, no extension of the contract, one that expires in 2014… at least not yet. This stalemate opens a scenario that is more than convenient: being close to the date that the contract will expire, Jung has a clause that can free him up at just 2.5 million euros. A bargain. Very affordable. But it does not end here because the club has also made its moves for Cirigliano (River Plate) and Melano (Belgrano).

New contact Inter, at the end of last week, contacted both Eintracht to understand the situation and also the player’s representatives: Jung recently said that by the end of March, everything will work out but in the meantime, the agent of the 22 year-old German continues to collect interest from the entire Europe. One of which is Inter as the Nerazzurri want Jung as the sixth piece of the puzzle for next season. It’s been some time now that the club of Moratti wanted to make a step forward with the latest being in January. The hesitation to renew and the legitimate desire to change scenery cause Inter to insist and convince the player to not change his feelings and desires by proposing a black and blue future.

Signed yesterday Inter are playing in advance for Sebastian Jung as they have done so with other signings that they have gotten. For next July, there will be five new players: Hugo Campagnaro, Marco Andreolli, Mauro Icardi, Diego Laxalt and the free agent Ruben Botta who yesterday signed a four-year deal at one million per year. To all these, Inter want another right back after Maicon. Zanetti is getting older and often fatigues too much. Jonathan has never convinced anyone. Nagatomo is here but he seems to be an “adapted” one (meaning the Japanese is more suited on the left wing). Therefore, at least at that price (we repeat: the clause is at 2.5 million if Jung does not renew), Inter want to make another signing for one of the strongest prospects in Europe. Sebastian Jung, despite being only 22 years old, is a pure right-back and seems to have always started for Under German national teams first and now at Eintracht since 2008. Sporting director Bruno Hubner has said: “Talks for a contract extension are positive, I am very confident.” Any renewal would be until 2016 but Inter are trying to convince the young player to change the atmosphere at the end of the season.

Other Argentinians The plans continue with two inquiries/requests. Daniel Passarella, president of River Plate, was asked by Inter to “borrow” Ezequiel Cirigliano for next season. The 1992-born midfielder is just staying on the bench than anything else. In January, Inter and River frequently spoke of Alvarez but the Argentinian did not want to return home and River only wanted him on loan. Maybe in June, all will sit at a table again. Another inquiry: Lucas Melano, Argentinian striker of Belgrano and the U-20 national team. If all happen, we have a revolution.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • isaac

    andreolli, campagnaro, icardi, botta, laxalt, peruzzi, cirigliano, bellomo, ???(striker).

    • Fez Faisal H

      Longo will be back. We have signed icardi we have milito and palacio. Want more ?

  • ahmad

    where is Peruzzi here???

    • Antonio

      We will sign him , don’t worry . It’s middle of March now ,the transfer window will be open to 31 August. ;)

    • Solberg – Norway

      I would rather have peruzzi than jung, even though the latter is a cheeper option

  • g-season

    have we even signed icardi? different storys are coming up every day

    • Aditya Chandra

      We signed Him 15 times already!!


        plus today will be 16 times, FORZA INTER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • DHIKA//

    after all of the transfer done, all we need is the MAN who have determination, and, experience to handle this team, FORZA INTER!

  • yee boii

    Rodrigo, ICardi, Campagnaro, Andreolli, Laxalt, Botta, Jung, Bellomo, Draxler, and Cirigliano

  • Zoran Panic

    No Jung,he said many times he’s not Interista,Peruzzi is way better i think. Good we now have fast wingers in Laxalt,and Botta,becouse our team are very fuckin’ slow!!!

  • Arif Muhammad Najib

    revolution is nothing if the oldies still appear on the squad list.. :p

    • gyaban

      agree with u must play them instead keep them on the bench.

    • Edinterista

      Absolute true.

    • nbawiles

      just respect the oldies, they are more experienced than the “kids”.. just signing a world class experienced player

  • Michael

    Sina, sleepy time for me. You’re next.

    Bye people.

    • Sina

      Just got out of work… I’m going to see if there’s anything special to post pre-Tottenham.

      Oh, and that long article? Way more effort than results. It barely reached half the number of FB and Twitter shares as my other one, and even this one has significantly higher numbers despite being posted at a later time. I thought people would like the tips as the stadium article was just geared towards one topic alone, but I guess it ended up being too long for readers’ taste (who are more accustomed to the one-sentence news updates). I love writing and enjoy the long article work, but I think I’m done with that stuff for a good while.

      • ahmad

        no, i will say that your work has to be appreciated. i know that some people here might find it boring to read a long article but this actually what we need. long article can make this site is more colourful with assorted writings and analysis or because michael’s work now has been boring,just kidding,hehehe..moreover this is fans site thus its style could be more free and opened unlike a pure online news portal. fedenerazzura can offer some serious stuffs without losing its sense of humor which has been its trademark :)

        • Sina

          Thanks for the warm words and reaffirmation. I immensely appreciate you taking the time to get the little details that I try to infuse into the longer articles… some people just toss it off to the side. I think I will change my mind and start a series of longer articles to bring some color into the writings and make the analyses fun. Couldn’t have done it without Michael’s deep encouragement. You’re right… I see this site more so as a community rather than a news portal… it’s just formatted towards today’s world instead of FIF, which is like… an oldies sort of place with a retro forum-style UI.

          We’ll keep it up!


    they wont play while the oldies are still on the squad … just being a bench warmer … :nohope:

  • Manuel

    4231. I think we need a second Striker next to Icardi

    • Solberg – Norway

      this should be the new inter.
      good stability and makes the best of every player.

      (the ones under are the 1st team, the above backups/up and coming youngsters)


        love it !!

      • Sina

        Wow… this is remarkably special! Excellent backup-up options and I love the youth implementation.

        • Solberg – Norway

          My favourite tactic of all time. Using wingers on counters and as the creative part, also cutting inside. Box-to-box cm with cover from the dm. Not a fan of high pushing wingbacks, but the stability should be there if its nessesary.

          With a good foundation of the more experienced, there should be plenty of time/games for the youths to excell and grow :)

          • Sina

            Going for the old Catenaccio-style crossover-ins and counter-attacks. Beautiful! I think it makes complete sense with the box-to-box efforts and back cover. And slowly bringing in the youth reinforcements instead of forcing unrealistic & extreme change. Bringing tactical life back to Inter so we don’t end up becoming another Real Madrid, PSG, Man City… thank you! Only wish would have been if we could have used something like this today against the Spurs… we’d be up 5-1 or something! Win = Priceless. I remember the other time we talked about tactics and you do the switcheroo with the classic stable positioning and the forward pushing technical edge that’ll use wide-attacking from the wingers. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

          • Solberg – Norway

            It actually seemed like strama was using something similar (didnt see the setup) today. Only some places and players where changed.

            I’m so happy that strama did show what hes capable to do. The team played a allmost perfect game, only missed a strikers finnish by cambo at the end. But it was a great game indeed. :)

            Btw. Kov showed his talent today! One Word: wow

    • Sina

      Sweet! Peruzzi has passport problems and Cirigliano isn’t on the speculations list, but I have no doubt that with proper techniques, this new face of Inter will be the foundation of something as successful as what happened 3 years ago.

      • Manuel

        This is just for branca you know :) No joke, this is just the direction i would go if i had something to say at inter. Did you see the pictures i posted you from geneva?

        • Sina

          Yes, of course! Or Leonardo, for that matter… hehe! I would love a shift towards this direction. It shows boldness in confidence, yet at the same time… warmth and character. There are the youth… there are the experienced, there is the long-missing tactical formation. Everything will seem to fall in the right place. The CMs pulling back into DM format for recoveries and counter-attacks, then a conic stretch to build pressure and sweep in and cut inside. Wingers on the back edge, forwards and AMs pulling up.

          Ahhh… that’s amazing! I’ll need to go to that thread again and have a look. Thank you so much for taking the time to get some photos! Apologies… things have changed when I became an author/moderator, and now… I don’t get the chance to spend as much time in the comments section. I’ll make sure to reply… I have things bookmarked.

          • Manuel

            With your words you told exactly what football is made of. It’s a dynamic, intelligent and fast game. There are so many parts who must work….it’s so simple, it’s so hard, it’s just football.

            Your welcome! The minutes i spent to take this pictures is nothing in comparison what you do for me and every user of this site!

    • Neil

      Eh Milito?

      • Manuel

        I let it open with “2nd?” because he’s injured still middle of august and then we don’t know how long it needs time he’s back 100%. I hope we can count on him already by the start of season 13/14. But this season we have to be secured, that we don’t run in a strikerproblem again…if milito can’t come back or due to injuries of a striker or icardi is not that good or what else, then it’s sinful if we have yet something else on the bench as an old guy with bald from roma.

  • Zselic

    god, what kind of revolution is this? signing 18-20 yr olds kids doesnt mean we will be successful, just because they are young

    we have to find the right balance between experienced players (Cambiasso, Zanetti, Cassano, Palacio, maybe Samuel), gifted youngsters (Juan Jesus, Mbaye, Kovacic, Benassi, Duncan, Longo) and top players (we dont really have one atm)

    Andreolli, Botta, Icardi are dime a dozen signings, only good for having a longer bench, but definetly not for a top team, like us. wait, we are not a top team anymore…

    we need someone like Suarez at the front, a reliable, world class striker, a proper defensive midfielder (id be more than happy with Fernando (and 100% healthy Mudingayi, who would be a great sub)), and a top CB / wing back. without them, there wont be any improvement, you cant expect 20 yr olds kids to carry Inter on their back

    • interdonesia

      can’t agree more with you, mate. we need balance in abilities and experience. all successfull team do the same. except if we just wanna end up like arsenal who is successfull economically yet ………. (too mean to be said)

    • Rotten E

      ” you cant expect 20 yr olds kids to carry Inter on their back” ..
      i’m Absolutely agree with you….
      we need at least one world class player in mid or world class striker

  • aydindurden

    I want Konopylanka from Dnipro…He’s great player.

  • Dino Atic

    What about Torres? When Chelsea makes a move to sign Falcao, Torres will be free to leave the Club. In the PL there’s no club which would need him (except Pool maybe, but doubt that he’ll return) He said once that he want to play in the Serie A, if he accepts salary cuts, he could be our top man who we need.

    • Parth Gawarikar

      Torres can’t hit the broad side of a barn nowadays. Probably why Chelsea will be letting him go. Better to go for Ibai Gomez/Iker Muniain (both Bilbao), Roberto Soldado (Valencia), or Alvaro Negredo (Sevilla) in Spain; though I don’t understand why no one’s looking at Luciano Narsingh!!!

    • chalon

      Oh please no, one of the most overated striker in the world Torres is. And on top of it he would be expensive and with high salary. No way!

    • mongkih

      torress with his age, got a discount tagged on him at 15 millions way to high for inter nowaday

    • interdonesia

      david villa? michu? edin dzeko?

  • slaze

    great now 3 quality players with a lot of experience Diamanti/Belhanda,Fernando,Alexis Sancez/Damiao

  • Darth Vader

    jung can be good for us in the right price

  • Interf@n

    Great news, a new signing for Inter, Argentinian player with EU passport, with free transfer, guess who? The “Pope”. Zanetti’s position is at risk.
    I hope he passes the medical or else he’ll be stuck as a Roma player.

    • handsome

      The pope who? I don’t get it.

  • mudasir


    Zanetti (Jung or Peruzzi)-Rannochia (Andreoli)-Juan Jesus (Campagnaro)-Nagatomo (MBaye)

    ——Kuzmanovic (Gargano)———Guarin (Cambiasso, Benassi)———Kovacic (Alvarez)

    ———— Palacio(Bessa)———–Icardi (Milito, Longo, Livaja)————Cassano (Botta)

  • flyingfresh

    forget about all just buy neymar we will be sweet btw, we made a huge mistake by not signing guardiola cuz strama and branca are absolute idiots,
    its just our playing style is so disconnected !!!!
    and for the sake of italian football i hope jube wins the champions league by 5-0

    • interdonesia

      fuck rube. even if serie a coefficient is on the 8, 9, or 10 and serie a can only send one team to the champions league, i will never ever ever support rube. why do we support an italian team for the sake of italian football if that italian team is the one who ruined italian football? that’s fucking insane

      • rino


  • Ali

    I dream of Santon coming back to replace Jonathon as right back.