Rodrigo could be the next signing for Inter. According to Portuguese newspaper A Bola, the Nerazzurri are seriously following the performances of Argentinian forward of Benfica and are ready to offer 10 million euros. Rodrigo, however, has a clause in his contract that Benfica do not want to eliminate.

Source: A Bola

  • Yee boii

    This kid is a proven warrior I’d love to see him be the latest spaniard to don the nerazzuri colors!

  • 1908

    Rodrigo you’re welcome!

  • interfan bucuresti

    Forget rodrigo we already have icardi!!! Go for bellomo!!!!!

    • yee boii

      We need both, Bring Bellomo and Rodrigo along with Icardi

      • Sundance

        Agree…and leave Džeko where he is!!!

    • jr

      lets forget about bellomo and just get icardi and rodrigo.

  • Interyan

    OMG I just scored an unbelievable long range volley with rodrigo on my FUT and now we want him in real life lol haha :D Really like the looks of this guy!

  • Inter24/7

    Fuck icardi.. Bring this kid! Much better player..i would say 10-17min for him.. Not more.. I heard benfica wont 45mil but they can suck a fat ….

  • indo_inter

    Another argentine. . Inter should move to South American region and play in there so can easily sign player from there.

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      Wtf? He’s from Spain

      • indo_inter

        Spain or other countries inter should use own primavera player. Use livaja with longo in front, benassi and garitano in the middle also pasa with mbaye in the back.. We wil be proud even this boy loses the match.

        • lulz

          yea and then we relegate to serie b. genius

          • indo_inter

            Hahaha… no way inter can relegated, Inter dont have serie b dna.

  • Zselic

    just get Aubameyang!

  • mongkih

    rodrigo + icardi = inter’s tango duo. no need to invest 20 millions or more for dzeko.

  • Sandro Mehić

    Forget about it, we dont have money for this dude

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    isnt he spanish?