Inter’s next focus in the summer is Bologna playmaker Alessandro Diamanti. According to Tuttosport, the Italian midfielder is on the verge of leaving Bologna and joining a big club in a few months. Inter management wants to give the coach a player with great offensive capabilities after the departure of Sneijder and Coutinho. The Turin newspaper believes that Inter are the favorite to land the 29 year-old despite strong competition from Zenit.

Source: Tuttosport


  • Chalon

    If we get Diamanti, we won’t get Quintero.

    • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

      And we already have Alvarez, Kovacic, and Cassano for that spot… And dont forget Bessa…

  • Yee boii

    Bellomo or Quintero please

  • Rafael Vieri

    Why am I not surprised we’re on Pole position when it comes to a overpriced 30 years old player? Because no other respecful club would pay such fee for this guy, that’s why.

    • Uche Esele Akahome

      He’s not overpriced. This guy is the perfect replacement for Sneijder.

      • Rafael Vieri

        No he isn’t. At his prime he was benched on Westham. But fair enough, not a bad player, just not worth 10 to 14 M euros.

        • Uche Esele Akahome

          I really dont think you can say someone is in his prime simply because he’s between 24-28 years old. Some players get to their prime in their 30′s like Milito. If anything, I think hes in his prime right now. He was on the national team. Plus remember that gorgeous freekick he scored against us in the italian cup? 14 is over paying but i think 10m is a fair evaluation. Its not like we paid 15m for Pereira or anything :(

          • Rafael Vieri

            I think it’s fair to assume a player is more likely to be in his prime in the age of 20 to 28. Honestly, I find Diamanti a skilful player, 4 years ago I would’ve welcomed him at Inter even if he was benched at west ham. Nowadays, even if he is doing just fine, and even considering he’s at his prime now, he’ll definetely not gonna keep up for much longer, you can’t expect him to keep up until he retires, only zanetti can do that. the Same goes for Palacio, Milito and Cassano. We got them all when they were on their 30s and they seen to have been a good deal, but the chance of diamanti’s deal dont go the same way exists, and it’s acutally high. he hasn’t impressed wth the nazionale and he has never played for a big clube in any league. There’s a chance that he is the type of player that can only succeed on small clubs, can’t handle the pression and stuff like that. That’s the reason I don’t think 10M euros would be a good deal for him. As much as I’d like to think he may be the new palacio or Cassano, Cassano had played for Roma Real and Milan before Joining us and Palacio played for boca. If you can play on la bombonera and succeed, there’s a huge chance you won’t feel intimidaded anywhere else in the world. I would be careful to sign diamanti, I’d pay 5M euros TOPS. Besides, we’re set on the role of experienced players with Palacio and Cassano. We don’t have that much money so those 10 M euros would be better spent on a player that may be with us a lot more time than diamanti would be.

      • AW

        Sneijder is better than Diamanti. No question.

  • slaze

    cmon man,Diamanti is a great player but he is old,better to sign Quintero or Belhanda

  • WTF

    hes worth 10mil!!! we dont need a 30 yrs old worth 10mil! sign him for 6 or 7 mil! open ur eyes branca/moratti!

  • Domenic

    Diamante is a late bloomer and not injury prone…i believe he could keep the same level for 2 more seasons…he could easily swap places with Cassano, Palacio and Ricky and with the world cup around the corner he will be looking to impress but no more than 8 mil and no primavera players