Mauro Icardi and Inter, this marriage will happen in the summer. According to Turin newspaper Tuttosport, the club of Massimo Moratti has found an agreement with Sampdoria on the basis of 13 million euros. This is the price that could be lowered a little bit more by the inclusion of young players such as Alfred Duncan.

Source: Tuttosport


  • Herditya Pradipta

    Oh crap, no Duncan please :(


      Sometimes it must be hard guys. We havent money. If we want a new player someone must go! Welcome to Reality!!

  • Sina

    It’s pretty official that we will have Icardi wearing our shirt for next season. Only thing left is the official statement and perhaps the player involved the other way… most likely Duncan, Del Piero, and another youth player if Obiang is also included in the transaction.

    • Inter DiHati

      another mistake from our management if we release duncan, delpiero or others

      • Sina

        Pretty costly, indeed. Hopefully, Icardi will pay off just as Il Principe did. And Obiang? Who knows where he will end up…

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    Here we go again… Handed our promising lad just for a small discount, just like Livaja…

  • ororo

    Here We Go Again…

  • Rafael Vieri

    Still think we should use Obi and not Duncan to lower their ask for Iccardi. I wouldn’t mind using delpiero as well. Next season we bring back Caldirola, Crizetig, Duncan and Longo and they can be the primavera players to join our squad, alongside Mbaye and Others. I wouldn’t like to lose Duncan, though.

    • Rosano Rocavelli

      I really really like your idea!

  • Domenic

    i just hope Icardi keeps up the good performances to justify the price tag…i’ll be pissed if Livaja starts doing well and Icardi doesn’t …that would prove to be a huge waste of money

  • felipe

    does icardi really cost that much? i really feel that his skill and price is just hyped up by the mere fact that he played in barcelona’s youth system..

  • Inter24/7

    Thats alot of money….i would not pay more then 8-9 mil.. His good but we could belhanda for that cash