Many clubs are on Julian Draxler including Inter. The sporting director of Schalke 04, Horst Heldt, has confirmed this to German newspaper Bild. “On his trail there are many important clubs. We are talking about Inter, Chelsea and Manchester United,” said Heldt. Currently Draxler has a contract with Schalke 04 until 2016. The 19 year-old midfielder is valued at about 14 million euros and also is followed by Juventus.

Source: Bild


  • yee boii

    Icardi, Bellomo, Rodrigo, and Draxler my eyes start to get watery with joy when i see the possibilities

    • Aljosa Fruk

      Jung and other youngsters…

      • yee boii

        I completely forgot about him. Yes this operation needs to happen

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    I should say this is one a good name…

  • Ventish

    I prefer Quintero/Isco to be honest at that price. Or if I may dream Lewandowski, my point being spend your money on quality straight from the get go. No need to get 2-3 players at the same cost as of 1 top quality player, we already have depth within our squad but now we have to add real quality.

  • Havar

    If we were happy to spend 15 on perreira, kovacic and icardi, then surely we should with draxler. He is the best of the lot imo