It is certainly a fortunate period for Inter. During last week’s derby, Rodrigo Palacio has two broken teeth after his clash with teammate Ricardo Alvarez on the field against Milan. Nothing serious however as the Argentinian striker has been training regularly and will be available for Catania. However, Palacio is expected to be on the bench at the Angelo Massimino stadium and then getting his starting spot back versus Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • Rafael Vieri

    Wow..for real? I didn’t noticed a clash between them when I was watching the game.
    Ricky hard ass, how dare this Palacio take your spot on the starting line up? He had to learn a lesson. now Punch strammacioni for not using you regularly too!

    (Just kidding, don’t judge me or Alvarez because of this unfortunate joke)

    • 1908

      Stram deserves a punch for not pking ricky

      • Rafael Vieri

        I agree. When he plays, he’s either on the field for 5 minutes or playing where he doesn’t actually play, the attack or the 3 man line on mid, never as an Attacking Midfielder. It’s like Strammacioni really wants Ricky do do badly.

    • Meso


  • Chalon

    I remember Palacio with paper on his mouth.
    Time to use Rocchi I say.