Emergency in the defense for Inter. As explained by the Corriere dello Sport, Andrea Stramaccioni will have to count on other players because Nagatomo is out for around 20 days. Samuel, meanwhile, continues his recovery program and Sivestre recently suffered a strained calf. So for the away match in Sicily, the defense should look like this: Zanetti on the right, Chivu and Juan Jesus are your central defenders, and Pereira on the left.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • 1908

    No zenneti tell him to sod off

    • Soo

      neither u

      • 1908

        Obviously yr deluded and also a centimetle idiot. However because yr a supporter ill tolerate yr supidty…… Bro he’s 40 be serious he can’t be better than a player in his 20′s. ok has a sub when were 5:0 up

        • http://www.facebook.com/simonbobo Simon Sønderskov Iversen

          Did you see the derby?… Zanetti is still better than the alternatives on the backs (schelotto, naga, chivu and pereira)..

        • Drac1753

          Zanetti is one of our best players, don’t judge him by his age, even de siglio praised how Zanetti shut him out in the derby, let’s not forget that he made Bojan look like a schoolboy

          • interdude

            lets see zanetti shutdown bale

    • http://ismailsunni.wordpress.com/ Ismail Sunni

      can you give me another alternative? do you want jonathan to take his place? Like simmon said, he is our best for now on.

  • Rafael Vieri

    Pereira Chivu Juan and Zanetti. May not be stramma’s favorite formation but it’s not bad either.

  • indo_inter

    Chivu in the center.. Hope not bring many mistakes