The inability of John Carew to pass fitness tests is an important signal for Inter. Free agents, especially those that are in retirement, are out of shape and it will a considerable amount of time to improve their physical condition. As a result, Inter have put a stop on finding the temporary replacement for Diego Milito this season. The hunt for vice-Milito ends here.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport


  • Sina

    Thank goodness. I cannot believe we began this search. We already have some fair active strikers and abundant backups from the youth team. Rocchi is in shape again and I believe in him. He works diligently and admires the fellow Inter players who he trains with, despite being a ‘Lazio Legend.’

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Moratti has stated this is the opportunity to field youngsters.
    Show some balls and play either Garritano, Terrani, or Forte and we’ll find our own Icardi.

    • 1908

      Bro well said couldn’t agree more I’ve been supporting inter since tge she of 9, over 25yrs seen players like piro cannaravo seedoft ect go to the energy