The card of John Carew can now be discarded. Massimo Moratti has returned working immediately for the summer transfer market coming up. As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, there are two talents that the Inter boss has in mind. The first is Julian Draxler, 19 year-old midfielder of Schalke 04. The German club’s sporting director confirmed yesterday that Inter, also Chelsea and Manchester United, are interested in the young player. Defensively, we have Leonel Galeano, 21 year-old central defender of Independiente.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • yee boii

    Rodrigo, Icardi, Bellomo, Draxler, Jung and Galeano. If not Galeano then Lichnovsky or get another mid in Obiiang. MORRATTI PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    • Morratti

      ok, got it

      • Branca

        You need to run it though me first. I have other names in mind.

      • exore

        hai mr. Morratti, what are you doing here?

      • Edinterista

        …and please replace me with Branca …pleeeeease!

    • slaze

      I still prefer Quintero/Belhanda over Bellomo or Draxler

  • ahmad

    i dont know about this draxler kid, but still prefer quintero, a very good passer. plus bellomo, jung/peruzzi i think we’ll have very promising young squad for many seasons to come.

  • ahmad

    anyone knows how good our primavera rodrigo alborno is?i’ve heard those opinions that he’s a good left back.

    • ororo

      ive seen him played quite frequently during his Libertad days few years ago, his natural position is left wing, but can also play as a left wing back.

    • Thatdude

      He is a flop if you believed the hype. Went on loan to Novara and has been returned already. M’baye started over him towards the end of last year. Doesn’t look like he’ll ever be a first team quality player.

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    I can confirm that this kid is awesome… Mark my words…

  • Rafael Vieri

    Leonel Galeano is the real deal. Great Defender, this kid never loses a ball. If he comes alongside Peruzzi, we will have such a solid and young defense.

    Draxler is also impressive, not sure we can win competition over him, but he’s great.

  • Parth Gawarikar

    Draxler will be a gem of a signing!!! With Kovacic and Draxler on the team, we won’t need to worry about the midfield for at least a decade!!! PLEASE GET HIM!!!