Inter are interested in Julian Draxler and could be thinking of making concrete steps to sign the young midfielder/winger. This interest from the black and blue has already been confirmed by Schalke 04 sporting director Horst Heldt. According to the Corriere dello Sport, the versatile 19 year-old is going to cost about 14-16 million euros. Certainly a hefty price tag for such a young player.

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • Parth Gawarikar

    Get Draxler annd Bellomo and we don’t need any strikers: we could play all our midfielders as a false no. 9. And anyway, he has a lot of Champions League experience, so it is justified………… Its not like he’s unproven……………

  • Rafael Vieri

    Too expensive, Botta for free needs a partnership with Parma, apparently, so there’s no way we can afford Draxler. But we could try to sign Huntelaar on a fair fee though.

    • Peter

      The reason for the Co-ownership with Parma for Botta is that if he can’t get an italian passport, the agreement will be that Parma will use up their non-EU quota for that transfer window and not Inter, giving Inter more freedom in the transfer window.

      • Rafael Vieri

        I see. but I don’t think he’ll have problem with that. Still, getting him and loaning him to Parma so he has time to settle in in Italy before joining us wouldn’t be the worse thing. I’m just not very fond of the idea of co-owning players with other teams. Specially if he comes for free but then we would have to pay something to get the other share of the player. Getting him for free and loaning him for free would be safer.

        • Peter

          But then there is the problem of us using up our non-EU quota and not having as much freedom signing players from abroad.

          • Rafael Vieri

            but only if he doesn’t have his passport, I think he won’t have problems getting it. It’s actually not that difficult for those that leave in countries that speak spanish.

  • Yee boii

    With the spending spree don Massimo has ordered
    It seems like it is very possible we get him and the others, plus this kid is honestly worth more than that so this is a bargain buy!

  • olé!

    12,5mil max

    • Nick Jansen

      Considering that we spend 16mill for periera last season i’d say this guy is worth 16mill just aswell

  • Domenic

    whats with all of these midfielders…fine they might be fantastic but how many midfielders do we need WTF

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    yikes!!…….better go for belhanda :)

    • Nick Jansen

      Agreed, if memory serves right Belhanda is valued about the same (16mill) although we might be more in need of a left winger more then a right winger though, i seem to recall that Natalino is somewhat of a right winger. Obviously i’d say get both (Draxler and Belhanda)

      • Thatdude

        Natalino was a right back and may never play football again due to heart problems.

        • Nick Jansen

          I Said Right winger ;) also i Was thinking og garritano not natalino, you are Right natalinos Got heart problems

      • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

        12mil max

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    He is good, thats why his price tag is high… But i definitely wouldn’t give the money…

  • Havar

    This guy is easily worth 15mil. He is actually worth the cash unlike icardi. A better purchase than kovacic for the price. Forget Gargano for 5, and use the cash for this kid