This is not news but I just have to show you guys.


This is the banner last season.


And this is from the last derby with Milan on Sunday.

The moral of this is that the lovely Barbara Berlusconi is always in the thoughts of Interisti.


  • oRchee’

    Barbara Berlusconi loves blow jobs! lol

  • luchochapa

    jajajajaj that is the real shit! just missing the bunga bunga

  • crazy Ivan

    She does it’s true!!!

  • #4


  • coutinho19




    • Parth Gawarikar

      Barbara Berlusconi loves all of them taken together!!!

  • Edinterista

    Honestly, I don’t like this attitude from Inter fans. This thing is out of football. I won’t support this at all.

    • Sina

      Yes… one of the many things that Inter fans can praise about is class. We definitely show it and influence others. This kind of behavior and these sort of posters are more so expected of Milanisti, who are always swearing and shouting slurs.

      • Willy Sandi Delima

        Dont like it either..

        Come on inter fans,, we should show more respect especially or someone who doesnt have direct impact to our team..

        I would agree if these kinds of insult toward balotelli

        • Sina

          Mate, what has Balotelli done? Think about it from a different perspective. Let’s say we have a player with a random name… whatever it may be. Let’s call him “Willy Sandi Delima.” Delima the No. 9 Striker, who grows up through the ranks of AC Milan’s youth system and is truly talented as a finisher, but admires and LOVES Inter, so he switches to the crosstown rivals a couple years down his career. This isn’t a crime against humanity and it is what it is. We’ll leave it be. It’s his choice… our fans are just terrible with their reaction on this. We need to stop focusing on other teams and what goes on in there and focus on our own problems inside and fix them instead.

  • Rafael Vieri

    Personally, I think football can live without those kind of things. I don’t tend to go on board with something that hurts other people’s rights to do something that is not a crime.

    • Sina

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Regardless of whoever Barbara is, this is disrespectful on many levels. Not something you are to see from our fans. I have spent time with the Boys San pit on several occasions during the last three years and even we don’t put out such remarks.

  • Göran

    There is one more. “Barbara Berlusconi loves interracial sex.” Google it haha.

  • 1nteristi

    Like father like daughter !

  • Sam

    I find it interesting that it’s written in English

    • Abaddon

      photoshop i say!!!

      • Sina

        Hmmm… would be a difficult task. I was in the stands and didn’t see this, so it could be that they only momentarily revealed it. Looks like the right end of Curva Nord (to the left of Boys San).

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    cmon this is pathetic ….. italian fans need to mature.. this is disgusting

    • Sina

      Indeed, Ahmed. I wouldn’t blame it on us Italian fans though. I often sit several rows above Boys San and most of us don’t portray nor endorse this behavior. It is a set few that think “it is funny to beat Milan at their own game” (this being because Milanisti are typically lower-class citizens and are often the ones in the pubs here swearing slurs and getting drunk, while us Interisti are amongst the more polite, less-shouty fellows who tend to typically be against this behavior).

  • Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    BB Gun…

  • Eroll

    Seriously guys, if you want to be mature, don’t be a supporters/ultras/whatever.
    This kind of things made Football different from other sport. as long as we didn’t cross the line (Racism, Physical Abuse, etc). I’d say its ok.

    you want a matured, calm,fans, watch Tennis.

    • 1nteristi

      or chess..hehheh

    • DHIKA//

      Totally agree buddy