To show our appreciation that we have for all your support over the past few months (and years if you’re with me from the old site), is going to have a giveaway for its readers. However, there are going to be a contest and a couple of requirements that you need to know about.


Very simple. You can win by answer the following questions.

1. What position will Inter be in the Serie A standings at the end of the 2012-2013 season?

2. How many Serie A goals that Inter will SCORE in the 2012-2013 season?

3. How many Serie A goals that Inter will ALLOW in the 2012-2013 season?


I. Must follow the website’s official Twitter account at If so sign up if you don’t have a Twitter account and follow.

II. Must send answers to contest questions to with subject line: FedeNerazzurra contest and JUST GIVE THE ANSWERS.


Subject: FedeNerazzurra contest

1. 3rd

2. 55 goals

3. 35 goals

4. Your Twitter ID or username (optional, but preference is to have it)

Please follow this format because it makes it a lot easier.

III. The DEADLINE to submit your answer is FEBRUARY 28, 2013. Get your submission in as quickly as possible. If two people get the same point, whoever submits his/her responses first will have the advantage.


The three winners each will get one Inter replica shirt of next season (2013-2014). I will contact the three winners to get more information like name, address, shirt number, name, home or away etc…

Note: The three winners must follow the site on Twitter. Otherwise, automatic disqualification and the rewards will go to someone else.



  • Michael

    So yeah. Let’s go.

  • Dedo

    Do we need to answer the questions correctly?

    • Michael

      You don’t have to. You would win if you get every answer to be exactly right (you then also need to tell me the lottery numbers for the future too).

      Try to guess as close as possible.

      • Andhika Putra Satrio

        can a winner be the one that guess way too far? like guessing 150 for goals scored (this guy is optimistic) or

        this contest

        • Gianluca Tabone

          I think it’s rather simple, I can’t understand how you can’t figure it out. All you have to do is send your estimation of Inter’s position, how much Inter will score and how much it will allow. The two guys that get the correct answers, or that are the closest will win.. Right?

          • Michael

            Yes sir.

          • Andhika Putra Satrio

            thanks! i just woke up and it’s like 4 AM here so, sorry :)

        • Michael

          … What the?

          150 goals scored and 18 for league position are totally legitimate estimates. You’re not going to win but they’re legit.

          • Andhika Putra Satrio

            i said 150oit there goals / 18th.. but okay, maybe my question be useful for some idiots out there, who woke up very early in the morning and try to post a comment in his favourite web site lol

            i’ll send an email now

  • Simon Sønderskov Iversen

    Why is twitter required :(..

    • Michael

      It does not take long to make a Twitter account. Just make one and follow me. You don’t have to post anything on Twitter if you don’t want to.

  • Gianluca Tabone

    I sent you the e-mail.. Goodluck fellow Nerazzurri :)

  • SpiritPro

    What does “Fede” in Fedenerazzurra stand for?

    • Michael


      • Kai

        mixing faith with Calcio… ignorant losers get a life

  • Yossi E. Hapsoro

    i wonder.. is there any winner on this contest.. :D

  • Gamma

    I bet no one here answer 9th position…. disaster season