Marko Naletilic, agent of Zdravko Kuzmanovic, has announced the transfer of his client to Inter. Here is what he had to say leaving Inter headquarters to Sky: “Kuzmanovic has already signed the contract, he is now a new Inter player. Returning to Italy is his dream.” Tomorrow Kuzmanovic will train with Inter together with Schelotto. Both are in Milan and will have a medical shortly.

Meanwhile, according to Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky, Andrea Stramaccioni has given his consent to the signing of Zdravko Kuzmanovic.

“Kuzmanovic is liked a lot by Andrea Stramaccioni because he is the type of player that the coach really appreciates. Inter coach is absolutely happy. He is not Paulinho but is an good solution.”

Source: – Sky


  • Ognjen Dakic

    Not bad how it could be!

  • INTer

    good acquisition two young player only for less then 6m. gargano and jonathan time with us is over.

  • M.S Ramadhan C

    “He is not Paulinho but is an good solution.” and we save much money to sign him than if buy Paulinho on this winter. Welcome to Inter Kuzmanovic !

  • wasim

    Our first team midfield along with Milans is the worst out of all the top teams in europe for creativity Stank, Guarin, Alvarez, Obi, Gargano, Benassi, Naga, Pereira, mudingayi. Even with Schelotto and Kuzmanovic our midfield is below average at best for pace/skill/dribbling, Strama is clearly blind along with his best mate Branca, biggest problem with this team is no pace and skillful dribbling players who can keep the ball we need at least 3-4 of these types of players asap.

    • Στεφανος Τσουντας

      Are you kidding me?Guarin wasn’t good only in the last game…Stank is old Alvarez is realy good so does Benassi obi and naga…At the moment Pereira is awfull and he was wordclass…Gargano is just AWFULL!Mundigaya NO COMMENTS

      • wasim

        i was just stating all our midfielders as a collective are poor for pace skill dribbling compared to Europes best? I was specifically talking about Individuals, yes Guarin and Alvarez are good, jury is out on on Benassi as he hasn’t played enough yet and anyway he ain’t a dribbler pr skillful player, he looks like a deep playmaker, but I’m glad we’ve signed Kovacic. thats one big step in right direction!!