Speaking to Sky, Riccardo Trevisani criticizes the idea of sacrificing Coutinho after losing Sneijder to Galatasaray in order to get Paulinho.

“I think selling Coutinho and Sneijder, a talent and a champion, for the arrival of Paulinho is bit excessive. Also because Paulinho is not a classic midfield director or the player that Inter need.”

Source: Sky


  • hasse77

    We should have bought Poli… Damn you Branca!

    • Ognjen Dakic

      Poli flop even in Sampdoria

      • hasse77

        Yes, probably because of many reasons and not only due to his capabilities and potential. But during his time in Inter, he rarely disappointed me and probably was one of our better players.

  • Dai Inter

    Inter 2013/2014


    Handanovic, Carizzo, Castelazzi/Belec


    Ranocchia, Juan, Nagatomo, Zanetti, Pereira, Van der wiel, Samuel, Campangaro, Chivu ( Strama loves him :/ )


    Joel Obi, Cambiasso, Benassi, Mudingayi, Qunitero, Nainggolan, Guarin, Duncan

    Palacio, Coutinho, Weiss, Cassano, Bellomo, Longo, Milito?



    Zanetti – Ranocchia – Juan – Nagatomo

    Guarin – Quintero – Nainggolan

    Coutinho – Cassano




    Jung – Campangaro – Samuel – Pereira

    Benassi – Cambiasso – Obi

    Weiss – Bellomo


    Coach: Simeone/Bielsa

  • THiago

    IMO Paulinho is worth +25Mi

  • ???

    Why did you remove the text I just wrote?

    • Lucas

      Cause he hasn’t slept for like 5 days already. Forgive him. :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/patar.hatigoran Patar Ronnie Hatigoran

    I don’t know what is in strama mind… It’s just too much and no one can control this brutal supid action…

  • interfan@asean

    well, all we can do now is waiting the day of our lamentation to come

  • #4

    hey, maybe Strama can see the future. He think that guy is our savior. Dafuq