Sometimes, these things just sensationally make a return. According to a major report from Sky Sport 24 a few moments ago, Frank Lampard has been proposed to Inter at this time. The Chelsea midfielder has an expiring contract in June and renewing that contract is not the intention of the Blues. The midfielder born in ’78 has been offered to Inter by some intermediaries and this is an idea that comes back after the summer of 2008 when Jose Mourinho arrived at Inter. Now the club will make its necessary assessments but the temptation is there.

“There is a temptation of an absolute champion in front of a high salary. But Inter will evaluate,” reported Sky. Lazio are also dreaming of the player but this option seems more unlikely. Meanwhile, Lampard has opened the doors to a farewell: “I will give my all here, I always have. And not only that I have given my soul to Chelsea. Starting next year, I hope to continue playing on a winning team. I know of many rumors,” said Lampard.

This hypothesis remains difficult for Inter given the costs. But the fact is, Frankie is available…

Source: Sky


  • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    I was thinking of this today, and now this…dude. honesltly..snap.
    forget the age for a minute (look what Pirlo did for Juve), if we don’t have to pay much/if anything for him…his salary wouldn’t be too big of a problem…
    he’s literally one of the best midfielders in the world, right now, and will be for a season or two more, at least.
    Until we can get younger, more expensive talent…Guarin-Fernando-Lampard is…snap.
    Its not ideal (only because of the year on his birth certificate) but…I’d honestly take it.
    Would PERFECTLY complete a midfield with the defensive Fernando, and the attacking Guarin…
    remember Lampard-Makelele-Ballack?
    well, Lampard has not gotten any worse, Fernando is close to Makelele in playing style, and Guarin (if not for a much less passing ability, tho he has the potential for it) to be our Ballack…this could work out, since Lamps has the passing range to make up for Guarin.
    Oh who knows, im just thinking how this could work. Its quite tempting as you can see.

    • Vincent Christian

      It’s better to keep Sneijder than buy Lampard.. Lampard also has big salary, old and keep declining..

      Lamps was born in 78 and that means he is 34 and compared to Pirlo just a way too far.. Pirlo is better midfielder than Lampard and even younger..

      Most of englishmen not success in Italy.. Better to try walcott ( contract expired in June ) than Lampard..

  • InterFin

    My grandfather is also available!!

  • interfan@asean

    oh man…let’s just get back to the meireles topic shall we

  • Miles


  • Inter09

    At least he’s younger than strama