New details emerge in an operation that will bring Tommaso Rocchi to Inter. According to Emanuele Baiocchini, the striker will be offered a salary of 1.5 million euros until June with an option for next year if things go well. The deal seems very well underway and close to completion.

Source: Sky


  • Ahmed Haider Sultan

    wow 1.5 is toooo much …..offer him like 1

  • John

    This 1.5 could have been used to keep Sneijder until June, what a waste for a 35 yr old out of favour and on a 6 month contract. Whoever thought this up needs to be sacked

  • Zan

    1.5 mill to Rocchi for six months? My dear God this is insanity! This really is unbelieavable! Now I really belive that if a bunch of us fans go together and buy the club, we would do a much better job.

    1,5 mill for this washed up has been. WOW!!

  • Uche Esele Akahome

    Its actually quite hilarious that the 1.5 million that is being offered to this old fart is what Sneijder asked for that made all hell break loose. Genius Inter. Unbelievable.

  • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    wat r u doing…

  • Domenic

    u guys actually believe this bullshit the real article is inter offering half of 1.5 mil with scoring and appearance bonuses