Samuele Long is very close to going on loan to Espanyol.  This is being reported in Spain and according to several sources, this is already done.  More confirmations are needed but there is a strong possibility that Samuele Longo will leave Inter (on loan) before the end of the transfer window.  The desire of Espanyol is clear: they want Samuele Longo in a similar deal which gave them Philippe Coutinho for the second part of last season.

Source: FC Inter News



  • eUneed

    if he cant ply this season , then when he can?
    coutinho worked , because he cant ply! but i think he can be milito or palacio sub!

    • boki

      maybe livaja is strama’s first choice? to bad, his my favourite. but what is most important is that cou will get his playing time :)

  • Chalon

    I agree with this. He needs the minutes and there is a lot of competition here. Look how good the loan did for Cou last season. It’s Longo’s time and he’ll be back in better form next year.

  • Alabama Inter fan

    I like this. Our 3 main strikers will be Palacio, Milito and Cassano, but they’re all 30+. Giving Longo that year of extended playing time will be huge for his development. He can emerge next year as Cassano, Milito and Palacio start the twilight phase of their career.

  • M. Irfan Faisal

    If we loan him to Espanyol, and then he’s being so much better just like Coutinho…
    I think Inter have to loan more of youngsters to Espanyol later… :D

  • Herditya Pradipta

    Livaja is certailnly Strama’s choice (from tactical understanding point of view Livaja is better than Longo), that’s why Inter loan Longo out. It will be better for Longo.