According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Alvaro Pereira is in the hands of Inter.  He is the next acquisition that the club really wants and thus Inter are pushing hard with Porto.  But that’s not all.  The Milan based newspaper suggests that Inter will go back for Paulinho in January.

“Pereira to come immediately, Paulinho in January of 2013.  The Uruguayan is truly a step away but what being planned is the arrival (practically certain) of the Corinthians midfielder.  Paulinho will play for the Club World Cup and then will salute his club and with the direction is heading towards Inter.”

Branca and Ausilio are working hard to bring to Inter Pereira first.  This deal will be completed and an announcement could come today.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport



  • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

    Well well well, Mr Paulinho is on his way after all? I can see this happening after his latest sentiments regarding his affinity for Inter. In any case, we probably got Mudingayi as a short term solution until he could come. In any case, Pereira is a huge step towards solidifying this team. Great news

    • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

      Though as we’ve come to learn…take the part on Paulinho with a grain of salt..

  • isaac

    whats this obsession with paulinho? whats so special about him? if it wasnt for the fact that he is being linked with inter, most of us(including me) wouldnt even know his name.
    i would of much rather have poli. btw im still upset about that situation -_-

    • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

      We all are, I REALLY don’t know what happened, and want to know how we let him go for Juventus to buy him for double what we could have for. He just today said that he really expected to become a permanent Inter player and was surprised when he was let back to Samp… we’re going to regret that. And Paulinho is super physical…about it tho.

    • Tomas Aslan Georgos

      Believe me… Paulinho is a beast

    • dimas

      i buy him on FIFA12, he skill is awesome, great power, balance, and strong right footed…no wonder why inter keep chasing him for many years

    • Macizo

      off topic academy U17 beat real madrid 5-4 PK’s and ended in 3rd place …congrats boys

      • Dejan Vorkapic

        Great news. Our boys tearing it up!

  • nikola

    good news. any news for another striker?

    • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

      unlikely, what with Cassano’s arrival freeing Palacio of some of his playmaking obligations and may let him become vice-Milito. With Longo almost certain to go on loan..I do hope we get a surprise come deadline day.

      • isaac

        g.rossi would be a awesome surprise. we could get him for a cheap price. he wouldnt take anyone’s spot until at least january. and by the time he gets back on the pitch, he would already know the team very well after spending 6months with us. and like someone suggested to me in a previous post, he would be our new #9.
        seems to me like an almost perfect situation.
        plus i would get to use him in fifa already lol

        • Mahdi Viva Palestina Torabinej

          I would love that, but under our current situation, we want to get the most bang for our buck (not just talking about our directors ‘business’ trips haha) it seems just a dream

    • Στεφανος Τσουντας

      Inter said they want an attacker that means it can be a winger a second striker not only a striker!The most possible scenario is that Inter will buy Afellay from Barcelona on loan with right to purchase!

    • Ricardo Jimenez

      We need depth upfront, I am hopping a target-man like Gilardino could be THE Vice-Milito and he is still on the market. =D

  • Ricardo Jimenez

    IDK why the hell!!! they are still looking at Paulinho, he seams to play the same spot as Guarin, Cambiasso, Mariga, Stankovic,Obi and now Gargano plus Zanetti can also play their.

    • Ricardo Jimenez

      I forgot one Mudingayi… AHHH

      • INTer

        paulinho with guarin this is what stramacioni want it in midfield and inter will never let it go. thats why inter only loan mundigayi and gargano. the first option was paulinho for midfield never change.

      • Elltron3030

        I think it’s because it’s a long season and Inter plan on winning Europa,not to mention the Scudetto.

        Stramma won Next Gen, and he knows he’ll need the depth to get there, as well as half the players you listed are over thirty, and two have been out for ages with injury.

  • ac

    paulinho will go to inter in january 2013, nice branca

  • interista asia (lo Chi Yi)

    In the first place, if we want to sign paulinho, then why we signed gargano, and would love to see mudingayi in the starting eleven, this man is a great player, hold and retrieve the ball very well, trully underrated.

    • Augustus

      we need depth bro…the season before last Cuchu was like a corpse by the time it was March and we saw the result – 5-2 Schalke and 3-0 Derby. We want to have options with quality and tbh we can hardly count on Deki.

      PLUS – in Strama’s 4-3-2-1 which he seems to prefer over 4-2-3-1, we need excellent defensive mids but at least one guy in the three who has the ability to go forward and score if/wen needed. Our latest signings (other than Mudi who is excellent too) are capable of being the complete midfielders that 4-3-2-1 will need

      Trust me…we’ll use all our midfielders over the course of the season…there will come a time wen u hoped we had more ;) DOn’t forget our very own Duncan…the guy is already a winner and WILL be a beast for us

  • Augustus

    Fcinternews,it also confirms that the Paulinhho deal has been tied up for some weeks now…

    • 1908

      Octavious lol r u serious if so than I tell u if juan blossoms we will win everything providing we have a striker equal to milito

      • Augustus

        look at please…thanks!

  • Ricardo Jimenez

    I am hopping a target-man like Gilardino could be the Vice-Milito he is on the market.

  • Este19

    Michael, seen anything on JC or Deki lately? For awhile there were reports that JC was going to Tottenham and Deki was going to West Ham. And then all news on them just seemed to stop.

    • Matrix#23

      QPR wants JC

    • Dejan Vorkapic

      There is nothing on my namesake for now. And if you ask me i would like him to retire in our shirt. Julione is tracked by QPR now. I would be really sorry for him if he goes to such a low rank team… Don’t know what’s going on with Tottenham. They said they want to offload Gomez first…

  • Ahmed Haider Sultan


  • Dejan Vorkapic

    It seems it’s done for Pereira. Just read that the only thing missing is the exchange of documents. o/

  • Alabama Inter fan

    Lock up Pereira and let’s worry about Paulinho later. After the Pereira, the more pressing issue is how the Julio Cesar situation will play out. Will we get money or a player for him? If we don’t get a striker for him, then we should look into a last second Giuseppe Rossi signing if for cheap. He’s the perfect #9 to unveil for the 2nd half of the season for our Scudetto run…