Walter Gargano and Inter, the deal has finally defined.  To confirm this is Pablo Boselli, collaborator of FIFA agent Allessandro Lucci, the true agent of the midfielder.  In the afternoon the signature will come.

“Everything is going in the right direction and in the afternoon, the signature should arrive.  Gargano since a child dreamed of playing for Inter and now that wish is being realized.”

Source: FC Inter News



  • interista asia (lo Chi Yi)

    I’ve tried posting so many times, but maybe it won’t work on a phone, gargano is a good signing, but still I prefer mudingayi, even though he’s 30 but he plays with heart and passion, he feel so proud to be a nerrazuri..

    • Alabama Inter fan

      I like Mudingayi too, but Strama must not be blown away by him if he’s still wanting Gargano. Something tells me that Strama still sees limitations to what we had without making an addition in the midfield even if it was in the same spot.

  • neroblue

    The fact is we need both of them, we have three tournaments this year. With injuries, international friendlies, etc. you need many players to get through a season.

  • prima zanetti

    Gargano!!! Good signing for inter. We don’t need de jong to come here.

  • Tun Minn

    All player talk they dream to play with the new team before finalizing contract with new team. Lol