The continuous pressing for Lucas seems to have paid off.  According to Globoesporte, Sao Paulo president Juvenal Juvencio is convinced that Lucas will leave this transfer window.

“Juvenal met last week with his collaborators but then, he was still convinced that he did not want to sell Lucas because it would weaken the team.  But it seems that he has been persuaded and has agreed to sell Lucas.  Sao Paulo, however, want 30 million for its player.

“The latest push was given by the fans.  Management has been greatly criticized by the fans for not accepting 30 million offers for Lucas.  For this, management is definitely convinced that there will be no protest in case of the player’s farewell.”

Now it is up to Inter if they truly want Lucas, the time is now.

Source: Globoesporte


  • Inter01fan

    Bull…no he is good, but not worth 30 million. He is a fantastic players but Brazilian clubs are just trying to make their players into merceneries

  • Masiso

    then his going to man u cuz they offered 35 if im not mistaken we cant match that price

    • Interista

      South Americans flop in EPL, he wont go there and he already said he wanted Inter

      • Michel Kupelian

        and you think we will pay 30 mill?

        • Στεφανος Τσουντας

          25+maicon! or j cesar!

          • Sean

            Sao Paulo have Rogerio Ceni
            i doubt they’ll want to replace with Cesar.

        • atmaja

          i dont know man, but considering the desire of monsieur Moratti, i bet Inter will if its 30 mil as stated instead of 40.

  • Inter92

    What are you waiting for, the kid said he wants to go to Inter. OFFFFFFFEEEEEEERRRRRRR

  • Alex G.Meazza

    I would like to see him in Inter ,but together with Sneijder and Coutinho. If bringing Lucas means getting rid of Wesley,than I’m not satisfied with this transfer at all. Anyway,with or without lucas,I still think that we are strongest team in Italy right now (right now bcs we don’t know what will jube and bilan do in transfer market). And why are we so desperate to bring Lucas? We should really consider Afelay or Sahin or we can bring both of them for much less than 30 mil. Now I’m not saying that Lucas isn’t good player,he is good,but hes price can’t be more than 15mil

    • InterFin

      Afellay isn’t that good.. Otherwise I agree!

  • internesia

    just wait for next 2 years so we can snap him from Man Utd for much lower fee. Brazilian won’t do well at England because of the different cultures and i’m afraid Lucas will fail despite his amazing talents as a great winger. Moreover, with that crazy prize tag $40 Million euros for an unproven young Brazilian, we can use the fund to add more depth and qualities to our squad. Bring more players that we really need: Musacchio, Kolarov, Sahin/Fernando, Afellay, Destro. If we can get our hands on at least three of these players and able to keep Sneijder, we’re ready to kick Juve and Milan’s arses so hard this year for sure! Forzaa Interr

  • Στεφανος Τσουντας

    LOL…we got the money but their shitty president is SOOOOOO shitty that doesn’t know that!!!BTW PEOPLE INTER GOT MONEY BUT MORRATI IS SAVING FOR THE NEW STADIUM!!!!