Gaby Mudingayi and Inter are now getting closer.  In fact, there was a meeting between between Inter management and the player’s representatives: the result was positive and Inter seem to have locked him up for next season.  However, the player will have to wait and see that other developments in the transfer market are.

Mudingayi, Bologna midfielder, is liked a lot by Inter because of his capabilities of playing in a midfield of two (4-2-3-1) or three (4-3-1-2).  So he is perfect for the ideal solutions, tactically, of Andrea Stramaccioni.

Source: Sky


  • heero

    Another one failure waiting to be signed by Inter -.- I really hate Branca and Moratti .

  • interismo

    “he is perfect for the ideal solutions”

    OK OK OK, perfect, perfect, perfect player

  • Memo

    This is so stupid…istead of going quality players like m’vila going for a midclass player…pffff…i lost hope in moratti

    • kifni41

      mvilla is better..
      but right now inter couldn’t afford it..
      so i think mudi is decent for 1 – 2 years…


      • Memo

        yeah but ur forgetting that Mortatin promised big signings in the first place beside i dont think 12 or 15 mil for a midfielder is too much ….beside Morattin adressed that the max he’s payin in a player is 25 mil….am sure m’vila is much more less than that

  • tariq

    good signing


      you got me there i almost believed you lol good one

  • Amir

    moratti lost wisdom.I think he wants Inter destroy.i hate moratti :-”

  • Interist1

    Geezz..another 30 years old and they say that we are trying to get younger..hmm…

  • Inter-Fan

    They should push for Lass Diarra…

  • CurvaNordPipo5

    Most of the comments I see there are full of ignorance and lack of respect for our main legends and people we ( true interisti ) love. How can you say you hate Moratti and Branca. Branca was a great player and an old glory to us, and the same with President Moratti and his Dinasty that have achieved so much in the past years and also don’t forget that we have a plan on track for the building of Stadio Giacinto Facchetti within 3-4 years from now. The Same with my FAVOURITE PLAYER DEJAN STANKOVIC I see a lot of lack of respect to him. How could you guys forget such names like those. The Senatori wrote Inter’s history and now its our time accommodate them.

    Anyway, of course Gaby Mundingayi inst Inter material – lets be honest – but there arent many low cost alternatives. I see many of you talking about Sahin, cant you see that turkish is total shit, the same with Lass Diarra and all of Real madrid’s midfield, they are all shit ( except Xabi Alonso ) thats why they want modric at all cost. Guarin And Poli are both great, De Jong should be fine but the cost… Fernando from Porto is limited in terms of passing and construction but great in defense, but Porto always sell expensive player so the problem is the same, sahin is shit and the same with lass, Gaitan is good but Benfica dont let him go and refused a United offer of 28 millions so also excluded, I like Banega but also expensive… So as you can see there arent many choices. The same in attack, Palacio isnt a top player, is a medium player, maybe above average, but costs only 11 mln ( I think its a lot for a 30 year old) Lavezzi also to expesive, Lucas a Dream, maybe we can get affelay, he is really good. In defence, Silvestre is the best choice possible he is a star in my opinion a little bit underrated not like Acerbi overrated. Maicon for Debuchy is just stupid better try Maggio or Kolarov. Nagatomo is a joke, Zanetti still in great shape so I bet in Zanetti-Kolarov in the back along with Silvestre a Wally as center backs also counting with Ranocchia stay.

    I really apreciate Moratti’s job but I admit he gets wrong many times, have you been watching EURO2012 have you been watching PIRLO playing simply amazing he could be ours all these years if Moratti wasnt so obsessive.


  • michael

    Branca is doing a terrible job. There are many options low cost but when he finally decide to make an effort the player cost 3 or 5 times more. Instead he buys craps that everybody knows will be a disapointment for a hight cost. He could bought Alexis Sanchez for 12-15 million but he waited 1.5 years to make an offer. He sold Destro for 1million? and now we are in troubles to recover him. He suggested Gasperini and… well you know!

  • michael

    I would like to suggest Hummels, he is a little expensive than other options but In a long term estrategy is cheaper than buying craps every year. He is young, he’s potencial and (I’m sure) we can sell him for much more money than we’d spend now