“Inter are ready to buy a star: Lucas is good.  A building as our property is necessary: we will speed things up.”


“Revenues will arrive and we are ready to do it quickly.”

Milan – This project is no longer in the drawer but in plain sight and on the desk of president Massimo Moratti.  Inter want a stadium of its own and are working to achieve this objective.  The boss of Inter has confirmed this yesterday afternoon and, even with all due cautions because it is an investment of 200-250 million euros at a time of economic global crisis, has also revealed that the club is moving more decisively than in the past and important news may not be… distant.  A group is working under the supervision of Inter vice president Angelomario Moratti and has been doing so for the last few years.  The model is ready and now it is only necessary to start this project by purchasing the land, obtaining the necessary permits and identifying the right partner to work with.  This would be a 60 thousand seat stadium for all the fans.  A new great gift from the Moratti family to all those that love the club.  If the stadium is the future, the present is the team that needs to be reinforced and the important news is that the president has no intention of backing down.  Juventus are searching for a top player for the attack? Inter are just that.  The Nerazzurri are looking for a great striker, one that can rejuvenate the team of Stramaccioni, a coach in who has great confidence from Moratti.  After seven years of triumphs, this past season was the first without a trophy and the patron of Inter wants to see Inter celebrating again by focusing on Stramaccioni who wants to convince that Moratti has made the right decision.

President Moratti, Inter are seriously thinking about building its own stadium?

“Let’s say that this project is extremely interesting.”

So you’re thinking about it…

“I think we will do something interesting but we need to evaluate certain things.  We are talking of a major project here so we must be careful and consider all aspects.”

Do you agree with those that say owning a stadium would benefit in the long run?

“Despite the fact that it isn’t easy to build a new stadium in Italy, I believe it’s a vital step, something almost fundamental for clubs for at least 2 reasons. To own your own stadium gives you great financial benefits, which are most useful in the current economic climate.  What happened with English clubs, with functional stadiums, is an example right there for everybody to see.  A new stadium would also be an extra dimension for the fans.  I understand the emotional attachment towards a place where your team has been playing for years, but I consider providing a secure home for the team a sign of respect towards the tifosi.

The project for a new stadium of Inter has been existed for some time but lately, we have seen an acceleration.  Correct?

“Let’s say that we are getting slightly more decisive than ever before.”

Is it premature to talk about the timing of when the stadium will be built?

“If we decided to start, this may not even be so far away.”

What are the next steps?

“We are getting deeper into discussions after having made important contacts.  If all the findings are positive, important news could arrive soon.  The important thing here is that (laughs), you don’t expect it by… tomorrow.”

Your trip to China two weeks ago to speak with one of the most important industrial groups in China.  Was that one of those “findings” that you were doing?

“Let’s say that that may be related to this subject.  This company (China Railway Construction Corporation) invited me because there may be an interest on their part to build our stadium.  We’ll see what happens.”

With the arrival of the new managing director Marco Fassone who was fundamental in building the Juventus Stadium, is this another signal that goes in the direction of a new stadium for Inter?

“Fassone is very good and has experience in the construction of a stadium.  We have not gotten to that yet although it was one of the factors why we picked him.”

From new stadium project to the transfer market: are you disappointed that Lavezzi is practically a PSG player after you asked De Laurentiis for the player?

“This year I keep reading and hearing about dream plans for football fans, deals that would allow you to sign any player you want, but the reality is that overall, the current system doesn’t allow that kind of investment. Caution and prudence are vital.”

Inter, in Italy, are one of the biggest spenders demonstrating the clear ideas and especially the desire to reinforce.

“Yes, it is true.  We are making more moves and have defined important operations like those of Guarin and Palacio.  Now we are studying the completion of the team.”

What’s next?

“It seems that there is the need to rejuvenate the team and this is the objective that we are setting for ourselves.”

Juventus are looking at a top player for the attack.  Same with Inter?

“Yes.  The problem is that a certain type of player is not easy to find and in addition costs a lot but we will do everything possible.”

For the attack there are talks of Jovetic and of course the dream in Lucas…

“Lucas is very good but he costs a lot…”

Stramaccioni has recently signed a three-year deal and the last coach who signed a contract so long was Jose Mourinho.  Similarities between the two?

(Smiles again) “I did that because I know that you would hear and talk about it.  Maybe after having won everything with us like Mourinho did, even Stramaccioni will leave…”

While waiting for trophies to raise with Stramaccioni, a contract until 2015 is a nice vote of confidence.

“Stramaccioni is young, good and will have the time to organize his work and rightfully so.  We believe in him.  We want to build the future of Inter together and this contract, in my opinion, is the right way to make him feel confident that the club has in him.”

Source: Corriere dello Sport


  • Nenad

     I love the news regarding stadium, this is certainly the step in the right direction. On the other hand, Moratti didn’t really say we will buy a star player…he said we are looking for a great player, but it’s difficult because they are all very expensive…

    • Inter fan-Hungary

      If they are clever…. Moratti knows that we need a good player ( third attacker ) to be back on top. We also could sell Folran, Maicon, Pazzini. I think, Lucio will stay and Silvestre will arrive. To the midfield probably Etienne Capoué or Kwadwo Asamoah would be the best options. I don’t prefer De Jong, because his salary is 6.000.000 Euros per year. And the attack… Papu Gomez is not on Inter’s level. Both Ramirez and Giovinco would be good. But also can be an exchange deal between Alvarez and Fernando ( porto ) or James Rodriguez.

  • Sandro Mehić

    OR second team..
    ————–Joel Obi—Poli—————–
    BUY: Viviano, Andreoili, Isla, Vargas, Fernando, Giovinco, Jovetic
    Others whos not in the 2 teams OUT! its trash…

  • jmx2012

    better late than never. I hope Inter will build it by 2016.