Genoa – The end of the 70 centimeter long pigtail of Rodrigo Palacio from which he earned his nickname: el Trenza has finally sacrificed the tail on Monday at the headquarters of Genoa in Rostan and it will soon be among the memorabilia in the Museum of the History of Genoa to celebrate the role of the most prolific South American in the history of the Grifone.  Eighteen goal this past season, one every 153 minutes and 34 total goals in 90 games, one more than Aguilera and Verdeal.  Rodrigo Palacio is going to say farewell after fans spitting on him during the game at the home of Novara.  A gesture that has convinced the Argentinian to speak clearly with Preziosi that “president, I am not playing here anymore.”  He was one that Genoa were able to temporally clone just like his illustrious predecessor Diego Milito.

Personality Originally from La Falda, a district of Bahia Blanca, the newest Inter signing began playing in his hometown with the shirt of Bella Vista.  Always spends his holidays on the beaches of Monte Hermoso, south of Buenos Aires.  And when his adventure in Italy ended, he is hoping to return to play in Bombonera, the home of  Boca Juniors, the club that made him great.  Palacio was one that single handedly saved Genoa from relegation thanks to his goals.  Palacio’s dribbling is somewhat similar to that of Messi.  Rodrigo is usually moving with the ball by using little touches on the side.

Home sweet home It is difficult for the nightlife in Milan will change his habits.  Probably the opposite seeing how Palacio in Genoa was all about the field, the stadium and then his family.  He lives in the quiet pine forest in Arenzano, 15 minutes drive from Pegli, with his wife Wendy and daughter Juana, born two years ago.  You don’t see him going out often: very few restaurants visits but he loves, in order, pizza and pasta, many football matches with the PlayStation, and spending long time on Skype to chat with relatives in Argentina.

Schelotto His historical idol was and still is Guilermo Barros Schelotto.  Both have very similar characteristics and with whom, he played briefly with at Boca Juniors.  A good ping pong player, Palacio is especially a big basketball fan, a sport that he’s loved as a chile in Bahiense del Norte, the same club where he grew up with his friend and countryman Manu Ginobili.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport